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WOODS Planer-Matcher - Model 412 motorized, heavy duty planer-matcher with 6 heads. This is an ideal machine for surfacing dimension lumber or specialty products such as siding and flooring. -- 6" x 14" capacity, 8 knife heads; 50 hp top, 25 hp bottom, 20 hp sides; 20 hp bottom profile, 15 hp top profile.
Equipment Location:SOUTHEAST
Jeff Terrill
800-374-5009 ext:349

Woods 10 Planer

12" x 30" capacity; 4-knife square heads; belt driven, no power. -- The owner assures us that he ran the machine and it is in good condition. It appears that it is complete but we would recommend an inspection prior to purchase. --
Equipment Location:SOUTH
Jeff Terrill
800-374-5009 ext:349

Woods #10 Planer

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Woods #10 Timbersizer Serial#18060 With control Box, Outfeed Pipe & outfeed Roll. Lazer Lights
Equipment Location:Clarksburg, TN
LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co.

Woods Planer

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50 HP Hydraulic pack Woods 412: Top profile (40 HP) for doing log cabin siding Mattison Side Head Jointer Plan Dust Hood and Shavings Bin Yates F25 Feed Table: 18' Long 3-Strand Tilt Hoist on Infeed side 8 knife Sticker conveyor under the tilt hoist Tilt hoist made by Machinery Services in Maine 5-Strand deck from tilt hoist to infeed - 8' Long Sanborn 16' Trim Saw 19" x 24' Vibrating conveyor for trimmer waste to hammermill 4' x 16' Scissor Lift Verville VP300 Bagger (3-stage) Foley Profile Grinder with hydro head All misc items: Rollers decks, conveyors, electrical, augers, hold downs, grease guns...total package This is in good running/working condition according to the owner and it is ready to load. It has been removed from service and kept under cover. The feed table and planer are driven by 50HP hydraulic pack. This mill was used for 4quarter pine and some 8 quarter, but no timber.
Equipment Location:NH
Carolina Machinery Sales, Inc