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Irma, Wisconsin - Firewood Automation president, Don Liebelt, announced recently that Firewood Automation has become the new Hakki Pilke distributor and dealer for the upper Midwest region, including Wisconsin and adjoining states with expansion opportunities both west and south. Hakki Pilke is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality, compact, low cost and profitable firewood processing and handling machinery. The addition of Hakki Pilke will augment Firewood Automation’s product line providing firewood splitters and processors for the homeowners and ranchers, specialty producers and high volume professionals alike. For sales, service, parts or to inquire about dealer opportunities within the upper Midwest region Firewood Automation is your connection for Hakki Pilke Products! For more information, call Firewood Automation at 715-360-6292 or visit

The Palax C750 revolutionizes firewood processing with its unbelievable speed and power. The processor comes with a 750 mm hard-tip blade that can cut up to 11" diameter wood. This is one of the fastest processors in its size on the market. The C750 has a excellent log flow from the in-feed conveyor to the discharge conveyor. The rear part of the machine has been made wider, making it easier for the wood to travel in the groove. With a robust splitting wedge and improved log clamp the processor is very comfortable and safe to operate. An in-feed conveyor and a 14 ft swinging discharge conveyor come as standard with the processor. The processor guarantees a brisk working pace due to its automatic high speed valve maximizing the splitting speed. The debris grate of the splitting groove collects any debris created from the splitting, resulting in clean and easy-to-dry wood. Equipped with lubed-for-life ball bearings the machine operates precisely, easily and virtually without maintenance. Also the chute is equipped with a sensor so that even a small log activates the splitting motion. Automatic tightening of the V-belts keeps the angular gear belts at the correct tightness reducing strain on the transmission and significantly extending the service life of the belts. The height adjustment of the wedge is stepless, easy-to-operate and reliable. The wedge is equipped with a quick-release. The C750 is available as a PTO tractor driven. PTO powerpacks available. Choose from a Pro or a Pro+ model. Add a life Midi log deck to complete the setup. C750 Pro and Pro+ features o Automatic high-speed valve o Automatic V-belt tensioning o Connection for additional infeed roller/log deck o Adjustable log length stopper o In-feed conveyor 7.9" x 78.75" o Folding and swinging discharge conveyor o Adjustable cutting speed o Hydraulic joystick control o Hydraulic splitting wedge adjustment o Hydraulic log clamp o Conveyor speed adjustment C750 Pro+ also features o PowerSpeed Cylinder for optimized splitting: Automatically adjusts splitting force and speed More information on the C750 available at or 1-800-361-2288

Newald, Wisconsin – After decades of working with the leading setworks and control companies, Cleereman Controls was officially founded in April 2019, to build upon parent company, Cleereman Industries’ 64-year history of providing simple and innovative sawmill machinery backed by legendary customer service. Continuing in that tradition, a first-class team was assembled with Stefan Dracobly as president and Dan Tooke as Senior Optimization Engineer. Stefan formerly served as Vice President of Engineering at Lewis Controls bringing over 16 years of hands on experience integrating technology into the sawmill industry. Dan brings 23 years of experience, serving as a software engineer for Lewis Controls and Columbia Vista Corp and most recently at Maxcess Tidland as Controls Group Leader/Software Lead Engineer. Cleereman Controls mission is simply to provide Cleereman customers with the long-term security of knowing that product quality, performance and service is insured. Programming and software development will take place at our Vancouver, Washington office while panel construction and control testing will be conducted at the Cleereman Industries facility in Newald, Wisconsin. Cleereman Controls is currently offering complete systems for proportional, linear positioning and full scanning with your choice of BOF and MOF solutions for both new Cleereman installations as well as replacement and upgrading of existing systems. Recently installed Cleereman Controls systems include J.W. Perry Lumber in Caneyville, Kentucky and Soapstone Lumber in Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania with six additional systems presently in production.

Wood-Mizer introduces Heicor Enterprises, LLC as their industrial authorized sales center in the Pacific Northwest. Heicor will provide all industrial products along with select professional products from Wood-Mizer. Wood-Mizer Oregon, the established branch office near Portland, Oregon, will continue to provide sales and service for Wood-Mizer professional sawmill equipment and blades in the area. In addition to their world-leading portable sawmill equipment, Wood-Mizer’s equipment line has grown significantly and now includes machinery for the pallet industry, remanufacturing operations, cabinet and millwork shops, small log sawmill processing systems, headrigs, multirips, and sawmill systems that can produce tens of thousands of board feet of lumber per shift. “Wood-Mizer is committed to serve the needs of hobbyist, professional, and industrial-level wood processing clients throughout the world,” said Greg Bacon, Wood-Mizer Sales Director. “It became apparent that Heicor was the best choice to represent Wood-Mizer industrial products in the Pacific Northwest because of their experience and industry knowledge. We’re confident that Heicor can successfully represent Wood-Mizer in a way that is beneficial for both our company and our customers for years to come.” Located in Monmouth, Oregon, Heicor Enterprises was founded in 2016 by Glen Heiner and Kevin Corder who both have extensive experience with Wood-Mizer. Kevin spent 27 years at Wood-Mizer and was the head of the Industrial Products Division, and Glen was an Industrial Sales/Service Specialist at Wood-Mizer for more than a decade. Glen also has experience on the user side as the owner of Portland Specialty Lumber, a millwork firm in Portland, Oregon. Kevin Corder, President of Heicor Enterprises, said “We are very excited to become an industrial sales center for Wood-Mizer. Glen and I are both former long-time employees and it’s great to be ‘back in the saddle’ again! We are eager to present Wood-Mizer machines as a solution to many of the needs and opportunities in this region. We know the function and quality of these products along with the legendary support will fit well into the markets we will serve.” For more information, contact Heicor Enterprises at 971-271-8070, or by email at [email protected] About Wood-Mizer Since 1982, Wood-Mizer has earned the reputation as a world-leading wood processing equipment manufacturer with a strong legacy from its innovative sawmilling products. From forest to final form, Wood-Mizer offers an extensive line of equipment including narrowband portable and industrial sawmills, wideband sawmilling equipment, band resaws, board edgers, wood kilns, planer/moulders, firewood processing equipment, pallet recycling equipment, material handling equipment, bandsaw blades, and blade maintenance equipment for woodworking and forestry hobbyists and professionals all over the world. Visit for more information.

Halverson Wood Products is proud to announce that their long awaited HWP-125GS Grapple Saw is now available! This saw comes to you from the same people that provide the HWP-120, and HWP-140B Firewood Processors. The new Grapple Saw is perfect for those that have outdoor boilers, that only need to cut their firewood to length, and not have it split. It is also useful for those that have large diameter logs that are too large to fit on our normal processors. The Grapple Saw also works great for storm clean up, where trees have been blown over, allowing the Grapple Saw and skid steer to do all the work! To use the Grapple Saw, logs are picked up with the grapple, the operator engages the chain swathe, and the log is cut. The log or logs are put down, the skid steer moves over, picks them up again, and cuts them again. For longer wood that fits most boilers, the logs only have to be cut twice. For more information on this new Grapple Saw or our other firewood processors, please check out our website at, or call us at 218-587-2065. About: Halverson Wood Products’ Grapple Saw and other firewood processors are proudly built and assembled at their factory in Pine River, Minnesota.

The family-owned and operated L. Garbers & Sons Sawmill in Northwest Ohio was established in 1997 by Luther and Kathryn Garbers and their two sons David and Marty. What started out as a side business with a portable sawmill has grown into a full-time operation with a high-production industrial sawmilling system producing pallet material, cut stock, blocking, and grade lumber in Wauseon, Ohio. L. Garbers & Sons Sawmill During the formative years of the business, Luther, David and Marty both farmed and worked separate full-time jobs so they were only able to help their father at the mill on weekends and holidays, but their interest in sawing started at a young age. “We both love sawing lumber and it’s a joy to run the mill,” said David. “It all started when we were kids running our grandfather’s mill. We’ve grown up with it in our blood.” When Luther passed away in 2002 and farming profits started to decline, the brothers turned their focus to sawmilling and began working full-time at the family mill. “Our dad always told us to produce quality material and you will always have work,” said David. “That’s been true and we’ve held to that since the start.” In addition to having decades of experience running sawmill equipment, L. Garbers & Sons has relied on Wood-Mizer equipment for more than 20 years to produce accurate, consistent material by maintaining thickness, reducing waves or variation, and minimizing wane. “We’ve always received comments about the quality and consistency of our material and Wood-Mizer contributes a great deal to our quality,” said Marty. “The quality of how they construct their mills and their engineering help you maintain your production as well as your quality of cutting.” In addition to providing quality material, L. Garbers & Sons has grown throughout the decades by sawing a variety of material and taking smaller jobs to get their foot in the door with a potential for securing larger jobs with clients. For example, the business entered the pallet board business by first doing trailer planking for a trucking company who eventually started a steel coil shipping business and contracted all pallet work to L. Garbers & Sons. “If one product is a little slower, another product will pick up,” said David. “We try to keep our eggs in different baskets.” The business processes and sells material to a range of clients including pallet stock to the pallet industry, blocking to the railroad and steel industry, and grade lumber to clients throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Missouri. Upgrading to a WM4500 Industrial Sawmilling System While L. Garbers & Sons has remained flexible to produce whatever the market demands, one constant has been operating with Wood-Mizer sawmilling equipment. The company started with a Wood-Mizer LT40 hydraulic portable sawmill before securing a large contract for producing pallet stock. This led to an upgrade to an LT40 super hydraulic portable sawmill to meet production demands. After more than 1 ½ million board feet on the LT40 super portable sawmill in just a few years, the operation upgraded again to an LT300 sawmill – Wood-Mizer’s largest industrial mill at the time. Sixteen years later, the company operates today with an industrial sawmilling system that includes a Wood-Mizer WM4500 sawmill, EG400 board edger, and material handling equipment. They also maintain their own blades on-site with Wood-Mizer blade sharpening and setting equipment. “The WM4500 was huge for us, kind of like a present for paying our dues and working our way up,” said David. The installation of the WM4500 was completed in approximately three days and David and Marty were both trained by Wood-Mizer technicians how to operate the new machinery. “What I like most about the WM4500 is the powered toeboard rollers,” said Marty. “It is much nicer shifting the log back and forth on the deck how you want and the dual chain turners are able to handle the logs so much easier.” L. Garbers & Sons fits their sawmill equipment with Wood-Mizer Turbo 7 blades. “We’ve always had the best results with Wood-Mizer blades. We are running the 2” wide Turbo 7 blades with the 1-1/4” tooth spacing and we really like them for the ability to cut faster with the same surface quality,” said Marty. “We’ve tried other blades but didn’t see the quality like we do with Wood-Mizer.” The company also sharpens their blades daily in-house with Wood-Mizer blade sharpening and setting equipment which has helped reduce costs and provide consistent cut quality. “Maintaining our blades in house tends to save money when you don’t have to worry about shipping them out,” said Marty. “We can also control the quality of blades that we are using and we can change the tooth set based on the species we are sawing.” Processing Grade and Pallet Material The sawmill business runs eight hours a day, five days a week with five employees doing a variety of work including milling, edging, running the chop saw, and sharpening blades. "The WM4500 is a lot heavier built which makes it a lot easier handling bigger and longer logs,” said Marty. A variety of grade and pallet quality logs are supplied from Ohio and nearby states including Michigan and Indiana. Grade quality logs tend to come from longer distances because there is more money in the finished material than pallet quality logs that generally come from shorter distances. “We primarily saw walnut, red and white oak, cottonwood, cherry, maple, sassafras, and hickory,” said Marty. First, logs are unloaded and scaled for board footage before being sorted for grade or pallet quality. If they are grade quality, logs are also sorted by species. On the WM4500 sawmill, logs are milled into various sized cants and boards depending on the customer needs and sent to a transfer deck. For boards that need to be edged, the transfer deck sends material to a green chain that goes to the EG400 board edger. “The EG400 edger has a larger width capacity, laser lines, and presets for quickly setting the right board width. Plus cutting speed is a lot faster which has sped up production,” shared Marty. For straight edged material off the mill, the transfer deck sends material to a large chop saw to cut to the correct length. Material is then stacked and prepared to send out to clients. David’s advice for start-up sawmill operations is to work hard, market your business to grow your customer base, and to be patient during good times and bad. For the future, the company is looking to invest in a log debarker, a second sawmill, or even a grade resaw system in order to improve efficiency. For now, L. Garbers & Sons continues to focus on quality and consistency in everything they do. “Do a quality job and you will always have work,” said Marty. “We’ve heard from many different customers that they buy from places with good quality and consistency. That’s something we always try to strive for and is a pride of ours. That philosophy has kept us work in even some of the leanest times.”

At the Forest Products Equipment Expo 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Wood-Mizer will display two new sawmills including the high-production WM4500 industrial sawmill and the wide capacity LX250 sawmill, in addition to other professional sawmilling equipment. Visitors to Wood-Mizer Booth 1039 at the Forest Products Equipment Expo 2019 at the Georgia World Congress Center will be met with one of the largest displays of forestry and wood processing equipment at the Expo. Wood-Mizer’s industrial sawmilling equipment will be represented which includes the company’s new flagship WM4500 industrial sawmill. Continuing Wood-Mizer’s tradition of providing commercial sawmilling solutions for high-production lumber processing operations through the world, the WM4500 includes many key innovations to the sawmill head and sawmill bed for enhanced durability and dependability. In addition, the new LX250 wide capacity sawmill with a 54 ½” width of cut will be displayed at the event. Additional products including the new HR250 twin band horizontal resaw, EG400 industrial board edger, and more professional sawmilling equipment will be represented at the event. “The Forest Products Equipment Expo in Atlanta gives Wood-Mizer the ability to showcase two of our newest sawmills alongside our industry-leading equipment range,” said Darryl Floyd, Wood-Mizer North America President. “The innovations that have become the WM4500 industrial sawmill and the LX250 wide capacity sawmill both represent our commitment to providing sawmill equipment that fits the various needs of sawmillers throughout the world." According to the Expo, more than 100,000 square feet of the Georgia World Congress Center will be dedicated to showcase a broad range of forestry and wood processing equipment during the 3-day exposition. Since 1950, the Expo has provided the forest products industry with a quality venue to discuss trends, discover new technologies and focus on manufacturing success. About Wood-Mizer Since 1982, Wood-Mizer has earned the reputation as a world-leading wood processing equipment manufacturer with a strong legacy from its innovative sawmilling products. From forest to final form, Wood-Mizer offers an extensive line of equipment including narrowband portable and industrial sawmills, wideband sawmilling equipment, band resaws, board edgers, wood kilns, planer/moulders, firewood processing equipment, pallet recycling equipment, material handling equipment, bandsaw blades, and blade maintenance equipment for woodworking and forestry hobbyists and professionals all over the world. Visit for more information.

Superior, Wisconsin – Barko Hydraulics, LLC (Barko), leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative heavy equipment solutions for the forestry, site prep and material handling industries, will be attending the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Logging & Biomass Expo, Friday-Saturday, May 3-4, 2019 in Laurinburg, North Carolina with dealer John Woodie Enterprises. Barko invites conference attendees to visit the Barko team and check out the company’s latest products at the Barko/John Woodie Enterprises booth. “We are excited to debut our new product at the Mid-Atlantic Logging & Biomass Expo,” said Steve Talaga, Director of Marketing at Barko. “Our 830B Wheeled Feller Buncher was designed to increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue during long working hours. Barko’s wheeled feller bunchers are engineered and purpose built using extensive input from experienced forestry professionals who know and live the job. Equipped with smooth, responsive controls, Barko wheeled feller bunchers operate with exceptional performance and feature optimized weight distribution which ensures maximum stability when handling large loads. This impressive product is powered by 300hp Cummins QSL9 Tier 4 Final Engine, delivering the highest-rated horsepower of any wheeled feller buncher on the market today. With a dedicated attachment pump and Quadco 24CP felling head, the 830B gets the job done faster. Every Barko product prioritizes operator safety without sacrificing performance capabilities. Simple ergonomic controls, a large touchscreen display, polycarbonate windows, A/C and a comfortable seat with ample legroom and storage space make it easy to tackle tough jobs. Rearview and skylight cameras with in-cab display come standard to enhance visibility while operating the machine. Barko has over 55 years of experience developing and building high-quality, innovative forestry equipment. From harvesting to loading and land clearing to log hauling, Barko builds every piece of equipment with rugged components that are suitable for the most demanding jobs in the industry. Barko’s dealer network encompasses North and South America, Europe and Australia. Since 1963, Barko has focused on cultivating a vast network of experienced distributors who are proud to recommend Barko products for the most demanding jobs in the forestry industry. For Barko, doing business is about much more than sales – it’s about providing the right machine for the job and innovating to deliver new features and capabilities that help operators get more done. The Barko team will be attending the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Logging & Biomass Expo, Friday-Saturday, May 3-4, 2019 in Laurinburg, North Carolina. Barko invites trade show attendees to stop by the Barko/John Woodie Enterprises booth to learn more about the most innovative machines in the forestry industry and witness a live demo of the new 830B Wheeled Feller Buncher in action. About Barko Hydraulics Barko Hydraulics, LLC (Barko) is part of the Pettibone, LLC Heavy Equipment Group. Barko is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative heavy equipment solutions for the forestry, site prep and material handling markets. Tough, dependable and powerful since 1963, Barko’s forestry innovations have become the standard for equipment designs and are the machines of choice among customers. Barko is headquartered in Superior, Wisconsin and is committed to delivering exceptional productivity at a lower total cost of ownership. Barko’s line of forestry equipment includes tracked harvesters, processors, loaders, Strong-Arm grapples, industrial wheeled tractors and more. For more information, visit

Aiken, SC – Hutto Wood Products has added another great option in their line of shaving mills, their new Block Shaver. This compact mill is designed to focus on cut-offs, loose ends, and other scrap wood material ranging from ½” up to 6” of scraps or round wood, regardless of species. Like all of Hutto’s mills, the new Block Shaver is built to last, hands free, 100% ready to run when it arrives and most importantly – affordable! If you are tired of seeing blocks and other scrap material pile up – the new Block Shaver is for you! Hutto Wood Products has many shavings mills in their lineup, including a block shaver that was built over 5 years ago. With vast improvements on the new mill, the comparisons to it or other waste shavers aren’t close. Expanding the size of scrap sizes the machine can handle will allow mills to turn virtually any size cut-offs they have into profits! Hutto Wood Products has focused on building high-quality, affordable shavings mills ranging from 3 to 60+ yards per hour. To find out more about the new Block Shaver, visit or call 803-564-7173 today!

Since the acquisition of Timberwolf Manufacturing by Automated Biomass Systems in 2017 the melding of a proven company with a long history of quality and a young company known for energy and innovation has created a synergy that continues to separate Timberwolf firewood processors and splitters from the rest of the pack. This exciting new forward thinking design incorporates the advantages of the ABS box splitter with an integrated pull back design that greatly reduces operator fatigue while increasing both production and safety. Additional benefits include the elimination of re-splitting, wood is the right size every time, sturdy block lift tables are standard, and multiple interchangeable splitter heads produce uniform wood for stove, restaurant or camp wood. There are currently two models, the Alpha 390 powered by a highly reliable 12 HP Honda gasoline engine and the Alpha 630 featuring a larger hydraulic pump and 20 HP Honda gasoline engine. Both Alpha models (have the option to) come pre-plumbed to quickly and easily integrate both conveyors and fines separating systems. The Alpha 390 is the perfect size and price point for homeowners, farmers, ranchers and specialty producers, while the Alpha 630’s increased speed and power sets the pace for professionals who require the strongest and fastest firewood splitter available today. To find out more about the New Alpha Series, processors, conveyors and other firewood equipment, visit

Global firewood processor pioneer shares knowledge and articles on establishing and developing firewood operations. Hakki Pilke is proud to present their new blog for firewood professionals and those interested in developing their firewood operations. The blog features the latest firewood news and events, industry tips and new products. “During our 35 years of manufacturing firewood processors we have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge on how to establish, build and operate a firewood business. We feel that making this information available to everyone can be beneficial to the firewood industry as a whole,” says Hakki Pilke Export Manager Jori Mylläri. The Hakki Pilke blog is updated monthly and as a subscriber you will be the first one to receive the new articles via email. Hakki Pilke has already published content on how to efficiently store firewood and the features and differences of log decks. “We’d love to hear about the themes and subjects our customers would like us to cover in the blog. Drop us a line via Facebook or Instagram and let us know what we should write about,” Jori Mylläri says. You can find the Hakki Pilke blog at and learn more about Hakki Pilke North America at Facebook ( and Instagram ( The Hakki Pilke North America website also features a handy questionnaire that can help you find the ideal firewood processor for your needs. About Hakki Pilke Hakki Pilke produces the best firewood processors in the world with more than 35 years of expertise. We know professional firewood manufacturers and professionals know us. We deliver thousands of processors to our customers on six continents in over 30 countries every year.

Peterson Pacific Corp., a manufacturer of industry leading wood grinding and chipping machines announced today the introduction of the new Peterson 1700D Horizontal Grinder. “The new-1700D is smaller and lighter than our other grinder’s, but still packs impressive performance. The 1700D is ideal for small mulch, compost, or pallet grinding operations, as well as municipalities looking for a smaller machine, but still needing excellent throughput for a grinder of this size” said Jody Volner, President of Peterson Pacific Corp. “We are excited about the capabilities of this remarkable grinder, and have it loaded with the features that Peterson customers have come to expect from our products.” Heavy duty and mobile, the 1700D can readily reduce a wide range of materials. The 1700D’s large feed opening, measures 54" x 27" (137 x 69 cm). When boosted by Peterson’s high-lift feed roll, the feed opening’s maximum lift of 41.5 inches (105 cm) can tackle the largest of feedstock, and allows excellent accessibility to the rotor for maintenance. The 1700D Horizontal Grinder is equipped with a Caterpillar Tier IV C9.3 455 hp (433 kW) engine, or an optional, export-only C9 Tier III, 350 hp (261 kW) engine. At 41,000 pounds (18,597 kg), it is the lightest of Peterson’s grinder series, and is easily transportable. Peterson’s Adaptive Control System, featuring a fully adjustable feed system, is optimized for a wide range of materials. The 1700D control panel features a large display that provides the operator with complete engine and system parameters to simplify set up and efficiently operate the unit. The 1700D also features Peterson’s patented Impact Release System, to protect the machine against ungrindable materials, a feature unique to Peterson horizontal grinders. The 1700D Horizontal Grinder features a quick-change multiple grate system, making it easy to customize grate configurations. Grates are removed through an easy-access door on the side wall. With Peterson’s patented up-turn rotor, and heavy-duty bits, and robust anvil, the 1700D has an exceptional wear life and accurate product sizing. The Peterson 1700D Horizontal Grinder is also Peterson+ enabled, a new remote monitoring solution providing machine owners access to real-time and historical data of their machine’s performance and location. Since 1981, Peterson has specialized in developing delivery and processing equipment that turns low-grade organic materials into high value products. For more information regarding Peterson products, visit

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