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Dalbeck Sales LLC in Wakefield, Michigan opened its doors in November 2020 to serve logging operations’ Equipment, Parts and Supply needs to keep their operations moving forward!

George Dalbeck (owner), a Certified Master Logger, has spent his career in the logging industry – owning, operating and growing G A Dalbeck Logging LLC since the 90’s and for years to come!  “There’s no replacement for firsthand experience and knowledge to understand customer needs in this industry – we want to be their first and only call, when needed,” says Dalbeck. 

If you’re looking for ready to work, quality equipment, new and used parts, logging supplies or customer focused consignment services call Dalbeck Sales LLC at 906-224-1000 or go to  

The Hakki Pilke 55 Pro was designed for effective professional firewood processing in close cooperation with firewood professionals around the world. The innovative functions of 55 Pro ensures superior performance in all conditions and situations. It demolishes 55 cm (22") logs of hardwood to high quality firewood with 40 tons (44 US tons) splitting power and high-performance hydraulic functions.  

Effortless splitting with HakkiMultiBlade and automatic splitting blade height adjustment system

The Hakki Pilke 55 Pro brings the firewood processing to the modern age with innovative and automatic functions. With the new HakkiMultiBlade™ you can split up to 24 pieces and then easily change to 8 pieces in only seconds. The automatic hydraulic height adjustment of the splitting blade ensures consistent high-quality firewood even when the diameter of the logs varies. The system has an innovative sensor that measures the diameter of each log and adjusts the splitting blade height accordingly to get optimal results.

“The innovative HakkiMultiBlade™ is an idea based on the customer need: the change of the splitting blade in big a firewood processor is slow and heavy. We wanted to make this easier for our customers. Now the change between 24-way and 8-way splitting blade is easy and takes only seconds.  Due to the new blade design, changing from the standard 8-way to 16-way is also fast. The HakkiMultiBlade™ and automatic height adjustment system comes as a standard to every 55 Pro firewood processor,” says Product Development Manager Timo Jussila.

Real-time information on production level and machine controls at hand

The 55 Pro has a modern data monitoring system with easy-to-use monitor screen. The monitoring system is collecting important data from machine’s productivity and processes. You get a real-time information about processed volumetric measurements, hours of operation, splitting method and safety covers. 

“Our customers have been hoping to get information on the productivity level and how much firewood is made. The screen and data monitoring system comes as a standard equipment.  This display shows statistics on the amount of produced firewood such as daily outputs and outputs per hour. You can also control a lot of different functions of the machine, such as the stroke of splitting cylinder and the wood measuring device, by this monitor.” says Export Manager of Hakki Pilke Jari Niskakoski.

User can easily change the wanted length for the firewood from the monitor. The measuring device moves automatically to the correct position based on the selected length. The plate can be driven manually forward or backward from the monitor’s buttons. In the monitor screen, the user can also control the half stroke function and turn the automatic blade height adjustment on manual. 

The Hakki Pilke XL Conveyor is available as optional equipment. You can complete and maximize the efficiency of your firewood factory by adding either the 6 m or 8 m XL Conveyor to the 55 Pro’s outfeed conveyor. The conveyor’s 60 cm (24") wide belt transports easily large amount of firewood and it has a cleaning system that separates the debris from the firewood. The XL Conveyor is also easy to remove from the machine and transport by its own tires for short distances.

Fast and uninterrupted processing with half-stoke splitting and landing plates

The productivity level of 55 Pro is unbeatable with the delay-free HakkiSplit™ splitting system with half-stroke function for making short firewood faster. You can choose the splitting to return after full, half or one-third of the stroke. The log landing plates ensure that even the shortest cut logs land neatly into the splitting groove. 

The 55 Pro has automatic greasing system that pumps at standard intervals, which saves maintenance time. 

It has five active safety covers to ensure the user safety and to ease the maintenance and processing of work. Safety covers are light weight, easy to use and stop all movements inside the machine once opened. 

The 55 pro has many other industry leading Pro Series features like the patented AC 10 automatic chain tensioner and electric automatic chain oil lubrication. The AC 10 system maintains the chain at optimal tension, improving the efficiency of the cutting and providing a significant increase to the life span of the chain and bar. The standard equipment’s also include HakkiCut™ sawing interface, automatically optimized saw lowering speed and hydraulic rolling log clamp.


Customer needs and experience are at the heart of the design process

Hakki Pilke strives continuously to develop products together with the global network of knowledgeable customers and distributors. The development of our firewood processors has always based on the needs and requirements of our customers and their business. 

“The need for bigger diameter and high-quality firewood as a result was at the heart of the design process. The machine was tested around the world in three different locations with different environment where thousands of cubics were made from hardwoods such as beech and blue gum. With comprehensive product testing we ensured that the 55 Pro works perfectly in all conditions. In addition, we got valuable feedback from the machine testers so that we were able to adjust all the functions to work flawlessly,” says Product Development Manager Timo Jussila.

A firewood supplier in South Germany, Dopei’s Brennholzverkauf, was one of the 55 Pro testers. “The 55 Pro with the automatic log measuring device can handle heavy and sturdy logs. Stronger infeed conveyor with two drive rollers moves heavy logs easily to the sawing. The 24-way blade can split effortlessly different types of hardwood like oak and beech. The automatic height adjustment makes the processing smoother when the log size varies which was a needed function for industrial operations,” says the owner of Dopei’s Brennholzverkauf Mr. Dominik Peisl. 

The expertise, product development and innovativeness of the world’s leading firewood processor producer is crystallized in the Hakki Pilke Pro series. The Hakki Pilke Pro series has grown over the years and now the 55 Pro is currently the biggest machine in Hakki Pilke product portfolio. 

“There was a clear need for a bigger machine as exports make up about 80% of the Hakki Pilke sales. Every year thousands of machines are shipped to 6 continents and over 35 countries to process all known firewood species around the world. Big diameter logs are easy to find in many countries with relatively low cost and many times these log are difficult to process and not suitable for sawmills or the pulp and paper industry. The 55 Pro is the perfect solution to this,” says Business Unit Director Anssi Westerlund from Hakki Pilke.

The Hakki Pilke 55 Pro machine is designed for true professionals who need high productivity and uninterrupted material flow with high quality end-result. Together with HakkiFeed 472 and XL Conveyor, you will get the leading firewood factory in the market. Join the Winning Team!



TP Silva Ltd produces the world leading Hakki Pilke firewood processors with more than 35 years of expertise. We deliver thousands of processors to our customers on six continents in over 35 countries every year. The international operation and local service network of Hakki Pilke offer the world’s best support and after sales service to processor owners. Hakki Pilke firewood processors are renowned by professional users around the world for the highest productivity and reliability. For more information, visit

We would like to introduce Danny Gatrell, the newest member to our Tigercat Forestry Sales team. Danny comes to us from John Deere out of the North Central Ohio area. Danny will be working closely with our forestry rep Jeff Beck to help us cover our Indiana market, as well as other areas. So help us welcome Danny into the Ricer Equipment family! You can reach Danny by phone at 740-222-4258 or email him at [email protected]

It is with regret that the Board of Directors announced today that the 2021 Oregon Logging Conference (OLC) at the Lane Events Center and Fairgrounds will not be taking place in February of next year. 


“After much discussion and based on the current and anticipated COVID-19 related restrictions next year, the Board of Directors has made this decision,” said OLC President Scott Melcher. He said it was a difficult decision to make. “We looked at a number of ways to have the conference as usual in Eugene, but just could not make it work with the restrictions in place,” Melcher said. 


On a positive note, even though the conference in Eugene is cancelled, there will be an 83rd Annual OLC with some of the traditional conference activities. “We will celebrate our conference in February of 2021, but in new ways,” Melcher said. 


Planning is underway for a series of sawdust bowls, which will offer multiple opportunities for OLC supporters to socialize and network. “We hope that members of the OLC, friends, and family will join us at the location most convenient to them,” Melcher said. “We know there are in-person gathering limits, so by having more than one sawdust bowl in more than one location, we can adhere to those guidelines, but still get together,” Melcher added. 


A tentative schedule of the sawdust bowls to be held in February 2021 in Sweet Home, Prineville, Roseburg, Philomath, Coos Bay, and Eugene, OR, and Vancouver BC Canada can be found on the OLC website,


Several current topic seminars and panel discussions are being scheduled, some may be available for limited in-person attendance, and others will be pre-recorded. A Hands-on-Seminar will explore New Products and Practices for Cable Assist Logging. Other topics include the Oregon Forest Practices Act, Better Ideas/New Technology in Logging, the Three C’s (Communication, Coordination, and Cooperation) around High Voltage Facilities, and Your Voice – Your Vote Counts. 


To kick-off the celebration of the 83rd Annual OLC, a fundraising dinner is planned, with proceeds raised to benefit the OLC Recovery & Repair Fire Relief Fund. This dinner is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 6, 2021 at the Sweet Home Supper Club in Sweet Home. OR. This will be a limited attendance event and will take place in compliance with any restrictions that are in place at that time. “The money raised will benefit Oregon contractors who suffered losses during the wildfires this year,” Melcher said. 


The Oregon Logging Conference is continuing to explore other ways to hold traditional conference activities. “We welcome participation in any or all of the events that we will be holding, but fully respect some who may choose not to participate,” Melcher said. “These are challenging times for all of us,” he added, “and we are planning new ways we can still celebrate OLC and do so in a safe manner.”


Wellman said the cancellation of the Annual Oregon Logging Conference will have a significant financial impact in the area. “The annual conference brings in millions of dollars to the communities of Eugene and Springfield as well as Lane County,” she said. The revenue comes from money spent at hotels, restaurants, and other retail outlets.


The Oregon Logging Conference was established in1938 and operates as a nonprofit organization.

On a separate note, the Oregon Logging Conference Foundation (OLCF) will continue supporting its annual scholarship program.  Since 1968, the OLCF scholarship program has provided over $975,000 in scholarships to college students throughout the northwest who have enrolled in forest related courses.


Reserve the dates for the 84th Annual Oregon Logging Conference, February 24, 25, & 26, 2022.

In the late 1890s, Frank McDonough invented the Travelling Bed Feed, now known as the Linebar Resaw, that revolutionized the sawmill industry. More than 120 years later, McDonough is once again re-imagining what the Resaw can be.

Available as a new installation or as an upgrade to any existing resaw, the McDonough AutoMAXX resaw system combines physical controls with a visual operator interface, high-quality digital imaging and vision optimization to maximize yield of grade and throughput. Using vision optimization to suggest the best face to the operator, the AutoMAXX AI framework will build a database of decision making processes based on operator decisions that will decrease dependency on the operator and allow the machine to run in “auto-mode” without pause, in turn improving operator decisions and reducing responsibility on the operator for productivity.

Allowing the operator to see four faces simultaneously, and identifying white spots, blond knots, low contrast color variation, etc., system overrides will be rare. As the AI framework processes and store information over time, the AutoMAXX will begin to utilize max available grade estimates to influence cutting solutions several cuts ahead.

Providing a significant increase in grade/value recovery, as well as reducing operator responsibility, error, injury and fatigue, the AutoMAXX optimizer provides estimated ‘max grade’, SM and value of each face with high accuracy.

Wood-Mizer introduces the entry-level BMS25 bandsaw blade sharpener designed for hobbyists and sawmillers in rural areas. Built in the USA, the BMS25 joins the Wood-Mizer range of sawmill blade maintenance products that includes personal and professional bandsaw blade sharpeners and tooth setters as well as grinding wheels.

Starting at $799 USD, the BMS25 runs on a 12V battery and can sharpen a variety of bandsaw blade profiles at a rate of 30 teeth per minute which is up to 5 times as fast as comparable sharpeners. The index arm automatically advances the sawmill blade as the grinding wheel sharpens the face and gullet of each tooth. The index arm also has a jog feature to advance the blade manually for easy set-up. The blade support arms feature a smooth ride and steady support to ensure consistent sharpening quality throughout the length of the blade.

The BMS25 is built in the USA and comes complete with a 5” grinding wheel, wheel shaping tool, and an durable stand while the battery is sold separately. When sawmill blades need to be sharpened on-site in rural areas, the BMS25 can connect to a 12V DC battery of a sawmill, truck, tractor or other automotive-style batteries that are able to maintain a 10-amp load. In addition, the sturdy stand includes 1-3/16” diameter pipe legs for durability and a wide base for extra-stability.

BMS25 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener Features

  • Starting at $799 USD
  • Sharpen a variety of sawmill blade profiles at 30 teeth per minute
  • Auto feature automatically advances the blade for sharpening
  • Jog feature manually advances blade
  • Compatible with 1”, 1-1/4”, and 1-1/2” wide bandsaw blades with 7/8” tooth spacing
  • Cam for 10°/30° profile blades standard
  • Optional 9°/29° cam with 4°/32°, 7°/39°, 7°/34°, and 7°/47° cam options coming soon
  • 5” grinding wheel included with shaping tool
  • 12V battery sold separately
  • Built in the USA

“Wood-Mizer is dedicated to providing the best in class equipment for sawmillers and woodworkers throughout the world,” said John Smith, Wood-Mizer CEO. “The BMS25 is an entry-level blade sharpener for people who want to maintain their own blades affordably with the flexibility to sharpen blades anywhere in the world.”

The BMS25 ships in one compact package and requires minimal assembly with an approximate 20-minute set-up time. The BMS25 bandsaw blade sharpener is now available to order worldwide. For more information, visit or contact your local Wood-Mizer representative.

About Wood-Mizer

Since 1982, Wood-Mizer has earned the reputation as a world-leading wood processing equipment manufacturer with a strong legacy from its innovative sawmilling products. From forest to final form, Wood-Mizer offers an extensive line of equipment including narrowband portable and industrial sawmills, wideband sawmilling equipment, band resaws, board edgers, wood kilns, woodworking equipment, firewood processing equipment, pallet recycling equipment, material handling equipment, sawmill blades, and blade maintenance equipment for woodworking and forestry hobbyists and professionals all over the world. Visit for more information.

Opticom Technologies is pleased to announce the release of its new 3MP CC04 Series IP camera. (CC04-IP3MV) The new version offers both H.264 and H.265 video compression algorithms. H.265 compression reduces bitrates by approximately 50% which significantly cuts bandwidth and storage usage.

The 3MP CC04 delivers real time triple streaming that can be independently controlled in terms of resolution, bitrate and compression. Environmentally the camera is rated IP67 waterproof/dustproof. The built-in infrared (IR) array also ensures reliable video even in total darkness to a range of 65 feet.

Opticom’s CC04 Series industrial IP camera is designed to meet the tough environmental challenges that exist in wood processing mills and many other industrial facilities.  The camera features advanced vibration damping design right down to the neoprene equipped mount.  The camera installs in minutes in virtually any location and can be integrated with all major video management software (VMS) platforms.   

Opticom Technologies Inc. was incorporated in 1973 and continues today as an industrial video camera company specializing in manufacturing application specific cameras for a variety of industries.  Our products are designed to solve the formidable challenges found in heavy industrial applications. For more information visit us at or call us at 1-800-578-1853.

Indianapolis, IN – For well over 120 years, the IHLA’s Annual Convention in early February has been the premier state level association convention! Year after year, the downtown Marriott in Indianapolis is filled with a huge crowd from all segments of the forest products industry and perennially carries an exhibitor waiting list months in advance – even in the midst of the uncertainties for events due to Covid-19! Buoyed by the success of the annual convention, the IHLA is excited to host a second event next year with the first Hoosier Hardwood Expo, August 27th – 29th, 2021 at the conveniently located Marion County Fairgrounds in Indianapolis. The EXPO will be a celebration of the region’s logging, forest landowners and manufacturing sectors with business networking opportunities combined with live demonstrations, competitions, entertainment and woodworking. Logging and sawmill equipment will be on display along with a variety of educational sessions for the industry and the public in an enjoyable, laid back atmosphere including crafts, food, live entertainment, beer garden and more. Come experience the unique upbeat “vibe” of an IHLA event! IHLA members are the most passionate, committed and positive body the industry has to offer! For additional information on the Hoosier Hardwood EXPO, contact Liz Mershimer at the IHLA office (317) 288-0008 or by email at [email protected]

Opticom Tech the leader in rugged, industrial video products for the sawmill industry is proud to announce that the CC04 IP Networking Vibration Camera now includes a waterproof connector. The CC04-IP2MV camera differentiates itself from other cameras because it is built to withstand vibration, dust and water. This Power over Ethernet (PoE) camera can easily be integrated into an existing camera system because it is built on an open platform that is ONVIF compliant. The camera’s new water-tight connection should make installation simple and quick. “We heard our customers thoughts and ideas about making the connection on this camera waterproof – so we went to work and made it happen for them. Here at Opticom, we strive to meet the needs and requirements of all of our customers.” Heidi Schmidt of Opticom Tech Opticom Technologies Inc. was incorporated in 1973 and continues today as one of the most respected and experienced Industrial CCTV companies. Opticom has served the Video Surveillance Industry for over 45 years. We offer a full line of Industrial and Commercial Video products to meet even the most unique needs of your customers. If you would like more information about this topic or other industrial video products, please contact Opticom Tech at 269-966-2900, email at [email protected] or visit our website at

Jones Saw Tools introduces its new Model 75SCS Portable Slasher Chain Sharpener to their line of preferred saw sharpening tools. Developed for use in logging, sawmill and firewood processing, this tool is designed to sharpen chains right on the machine and right at the job site. No more running back to the shop when you’re down to your last chain. Eliminates excessive downtime along with wear and tear on machinery from dull chains. The 75SCS Sharpener is a simple, easy to use tool powered by your own cordless or electric drill. Simply chuck your drill to the 3/8” shaft end and you’re ready to go. Sealed ball bearing posts hold the ½” drive shaft that is mounted to a rugged, lightweight aluminum frame. Easy to mount – Easy to use and also sharpens 3/8 and .404 chain. For more information on the new product and all of the quality tools from Jones Saw Tools, call Randy at 812-354-6981.

Portland, OR – Finally a small lumber drying system that is NOT a TOY! The new line of small kilns now available from HDE are perfect for high value custom orders, short runs of special stock, long lengths and the extremely popular and profitable thick stock for mantles and high-end table tops. Available from 2,000 to 12,000 bf, the HQSK comes standard with options and features only found on the industry’s top dry kilns, and never before on a small capacity custom unit. Features like: low maintenance, bolt together, all aluminum construction; a wide range of energy sources including low pressure steam, hot water, dehumidification and indirect gas fired; door designs and loading options to fit YOUR operation and product line including track and forklift loading, wing, lifting or sliding doors and optional hydraulic powered doors; variable speed drives, high efficiency adjustable pitch fans, accurate temperature and humidity control, internet connectivity, plus drying schedules for nearly every species on earth, make the new HQSK a rare breakthrough in kiln drying technology. Plus, when you install a new HQSK from Hildebrand Engineering you get Worldwide Experience and German Engineering that’s BUILT IN AMERICA.

The Woodworking Fair Midwest, a secondary woodworking industry event occurring August 26 through August 28 in southern Indiana, has grown in supplier participation to include more than 15 exhibitors. Commitments from local to multi-national companies demonstrate that getting in front of customers is still important to their businesses. Suppliers to the woodworking industry both big and small will be showcasing their products and services at the show. As of early August, the exhibitor list includes, in alphabetical order: • Cefla Finishing • Dekker Vacuum Technologies • Dubois Equipment Company • Honeyville Metal • IVEC Systems • CasadeiBusellatona • Lamello • Northtech Machine • Nova Dry Kiln • PMK Systems • Pyramid Technical Group • Striebig • TigerStop • Timesavers • RUF Briquetting • Vecoplan • Weinig Holz-Her • Woodtech Machinery Exhibitor applications will be accepted until August 19. The registrations to attend the event have doubled since early July. The show is asking all attendees to officially register on the WFM website,, to streamline the check-in process upon arrival. Show management is heeding every safety precaution necessary to sanitize the facility and administer thorough health screening upon each person’s arrival before entering the show hall. Dedicated staff will be on-site to regularly clean surfaces, while exhibitors are required to have hand sanitizer in their booths and disinfect their space repeatedly. Face masks may be required if state or local regulations mandate them. The Woodworking Fair Midwest is a friendly, casual event designed for the good of the industry that was formed as a result of IWF 2020 being cancelled. A trade-only event, the focus is on the secondary woodworking market including wood finishing, planing, profiling, cutting, grinding, and sanding, among other technologies. The website,, allows attendees to register free-of-charge and potential exhibitors to express their interest.

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