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Air Cure 376 RF-10  Dust Collection System

AIR CURE 376RF10 Dust Collection System with 15 Unit Live Bottom Truck Storage Bin. -- 33,600 CFM @ 7:1 Air to Cloth Ratio (ACR), approx. 11'- 8" dia. round baghouse with (376) cloth filter bags of 10' length (3" x 6") oval bags provide for radial movement of bag during cleaning for longer life), 4800 sq. ft. of filter area. -- Designed for filtration media cleaning via 5 HP on board rotary air pump for compressed air operating at about 7.5 psi. Return air outlet and approx. 48" x 48" inlet for dust laden air. -- Rotating cleaning air manifold driven by 1 HP motor, (1) NEMA IV timer & solenoid/diaphragm valve control pulse jets of air to clean each row of bags; galvanized steel bag frames with positive bag bolt down to eliminate leakage and ride up of bags once installed. 15 HP cleaning PD blower. -- Includes: ALLIED BLOWER BIAF 445 Blower with 150 HP TEFC motor ground mounted; Explosion doors; walk-in access door on platform at top. approx. 18" RAL. -- Features: 10 gage shell all-welded construction Tangential scroll inlet, Inlet deflector baffle. Original cages will be removed and stored separately from the filter. -- Comes with approx.. 20 HP material handling fan (from discharge of RAL Transfer Blower to convey discharge to approx. 4.5' dia. cyclone mounted on top of Truck Bin). -- Features: (1) 15- Unit (approx. 3,000 cu ft) Truck Storage Bin with Live Bottom (4) screw augers to unload into a drive in truck container. Also availlable Professional rigging & truck loading by owner/contractor/Seller.

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