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HOLZ-HER 1321 Sprint Edgebander with Pre-Milling & Corner Rounding. 0.3 - 15 mm Thickness edgebanding capability (3 mm coil or 15 mm max. strip).General Specifications: -- 6 - 50 mm Panel thickness, workpiece width min. of 60 mm; workpiece Length min. 180 mm; Feed speed 12.5 MPM (41 FPM). -- Programmable Logic Control (PLC) for Edge feed, glue application, end trimming, flush trimming, radius trimming, scraping, corner rounding, and buffing.Programs can be easily created and recalled at will; screen with graphic interface makes programming easy, icon of each unit may be brought up on the screen to show the operator the status of the unit and the parameters which can be programmed. -- Edgebander can be operated manually when required, without necessity to write a program.Front-End Configuration: -- Pre-Milling Station "1961": (2) 2.0 kW - 12,000 RPM motors; -- Edgestrip Magazine "1903"; (1) Universal magazine for solid edges, strips, and coiled material. Utilizes motion detector to ensure accurate, trouble-free positioning of edge material; exclusive "Tractor-Belt feed System", edge guide equipped with automatic guillotine lock-out for safety, 3° approach angle allows easy feeding of large wood edges. -- Gluing Station "1906" - Cartridge System, less than 10 Min heat up time. -- Pressure Section, servo controlled with (1) large driven roller & (2) cantered idle rollers.Workstations: -- End Trimming, "1918": Front & rear with (0.35 kW - 9,000 RPM motor each), Uni-Point axis for no re-indexing when changing from flush to bevel end trim (0° - 10° bevel),"PCS" Pneumatic Changeover from flush to bevel from control panel. -- Flush/Pre-Trimming Unit "1823": Top & bottom with (0.6 kW - 300 Cy HF motors 18,000 RPM Motor ea.), SIKO digital readouts. -- Flush/Bevel/Radius Trimming Unit "1942-M": Servo controlled top & bottom with (0.6 kW - 18,000 RPM each motor). -- Profile Scraping Unit "1929": Top & bottom for thick PVC scraping, reversible insert carbide knives, equipped with air-jet blowers; Chip Collector Box. -- Corner Rounding Unit "1832": 1-Motor unit for edges up to 3 mm edge thickness. -- Buffing Station"1940": Top & bottom, with timed pneumatic plunge controll, adjust in any direction (vertical tilt is 0° - 5°, horizontal Swivel is 0° - 20°); 1,440 RPM wheel rotation.Complete With: Microprocessor for line control & glue temperature, 10 KVA static frequency changer, outboard panel support, and sound enclosure w/interior lights over enclosed workstations of the machine, & used tooling on the stations.Includes Voltage transformer for 600 Volt operation
Equipment Location:EASTERN CDN
Ed Webb
800-374-5009 ext:377