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2020 Rose Machinery BDH/LC/LCFT  Gang Rip Saw

ROSE MACHINERY BDH/LC/LCFT Automated Infeed SystemAutomated, high speed Infeed System for Gang Rip Saws of all makes and models and other similar machines. -- 5-Arm Breakdown Hoist - Electric hoist accepts loads 4' wide x 4' high x 4' - 24' long; 10 HP gear motor (with brake) powers the hoist and holds the load. -- Hoist actuated through foot switches for up & down; limit switches provide max. up & down positions; (5) lifting arms tilt load at 50° allowing layers to spill onto the takeaway conveyor; 16,000 Lbs max. lift cap. -- Landing Chain - Features: (6) Strands of roller chain; powered by a 5 HP gear motor at 60 FPM nominal rate. -- Tail end constructed with integral slide, stock transits from Breakdown Hoist; head shaft & gear motor supported by tubular steel frame with bolts to allow for leveling at installation. -- Material stops at the head end so the operator can flip & grade each piece. -- Chain races fabricated from steel, UHMW PE wear strips on the top race and on the return race; conveyor is 42' long. -- Magnetic motor starter with foot switch for operator to start & stop of the chain. -- Lateral Chain Feed Table "LCF2013-20": Feeds material 3" - 10" wide x 4' to 24' long x 1" to 3" thick; variable 50 - 200 FPM Feed rate; adjustable fence throughout 3/4" range for alignment with the Rip Saw (or other machines). -- (6) 30" long, low friction steel flattop infeed chains for long life non-marking transport; 1 HP gear motor. -- (3) Powered smooth steel & non-marking feed rolls, 2 HP gear motor; rolls & chains controlled by variable speed drives. -- (3) Overhead pinch rollers, 5" dia., urethane covered; 1st (2) pinch rollers powered by individual 2-1/2" bore air cylinders to singulate pieces onto a 2' bridge; 3rd roller keeps the board moving on the bridge; pinch rolls triggered by photoelectric cells. -- Note: Fabricated frames and appropriate parts of the items in this quotation will be painted with (1) coat of industrial grade Shady Lane Green enamel; guards and appropriate moving parts painted with Safety Orange. -- All gear motors, mechanical equipment, limit switches, sensors or photoelectric devices, as required for each item of this quotation, are supplied and mounted; all pneumatic cylinders or other pneumatic power devices and their valves supplied and mounted; connecting hoses & fittings installed. -- Filter/Regulator units supplied, mounted, and connected by hose to the valves; Note: Compressed air service to equipment is by others.

Jeff Terrill
800-374-5009 ext:349

2020 Rose Machinery HBR-5  Gang Rip Saw

ROSE MACHINERY MODEL HBR HORIZONTAL BAND RE-RIP SAW The horizontal band re-rip saw is an effective and efficient means of ripping short blocks into as many as six set rip widths. Rip widths are easily adjustable, as well as the setting for stock thickness.Advantages of the system: -- Compact, efficient use of floor space. -- Accurate cutting of rips with minimum tear-out. -- Short blocks, 4" minimum length, without taper problems. -- Straight through feed design, good for sorting. -- Minimum dust collection required. -- Single point scrap collection. -- One saw motor drive, requiring less power. -- Safety, no kickback problems.Specifications: -- Five (5) rip widths -- 20 HP band rip drive -- 30" diameter band wheels, 2" wide face -- (2) 3/4 HP feed works drives -- 1-1/2 HP feed belt drive -- 1" to 6" rip width (independently adjustable in each lane) --10" maximum board width at maximum rip -- 4" maximum waste piece width -- 3/4" to 2" stock thickness (all lanes adjust together) -- 4" minimum stock length -- 36" maximum stock length -- 80 FPM feed speed -- 52" to 58" pass line height -- Electrical motor starters and push buttons included, (standard mag starters) 440 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz -- Band lubrication systems NOTE: ADD $5,000 FOR SIX (6) LANE - (6) RIP WIDTHS Horsepower Requirements: -- (1) @ 20 HP -- (1) @ 1.5 HP -- (2) @ .75 HPDust Collection: -- (2) outlets, 6" diameter, 5,200 velocity @ 2,300 CFMAir Required: -- 90 PSI @ 1.4 CFMOptions: -- Support Equipment, Installation and Startup are all available, POR. -- Start-up assistance is available on a per diem basis.

Jeff Terrill
800-374-5009 ext:349

2020 Rose Machinery RSF-201314  Gang Rip Saw

Ripsaw Feeder with 32" wide feed rolls on 18" thru 28" roll centers; will feed 3' thru 16' lumber. With 24" of in-out fence travel; feed speeds from 50 to 150 FPM; 3/4 HP feed roll drive and 3/4 HP fence drive via gear motor with brake. -- Fabricated frame of structural steel with boots that allow +/- 1" elevation adjustment. 3-1/2" dia. steel feed rolls driven by a variable frequency drive for speed adjustment; rolls are canted to aid in holding stock against the fence. -- Powered fence with 24" fence travel is easily shifted via joystick control for stock alignment with the sawblades. -- With pneumatic powered gate to keep material from feeding until the operator initiates the feed sequence. -- Urethane covered idler pinch roll is attached to the fence and is powered down at the start of the feed sequence. When a photocell detects the board is clear of the gate, the pinch roll and gate will return to their normal position. Electrical control panel ready for connection to the power supply.

Jeff Terrill
800-374-5009 ext:349

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