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Donaldson Torit DLMC 2/4/15  Dust Collection System

DONALDSON TORIT DALAMATIC- DLMC 2/4/15, ...Dust Collector (Pulse Jet) with high technology DURA-LIFE (envelope-shaped filter bags).. -- Specs: The filtration area is 1,290 sq/ft, made up of (80) bags arranged in (2) bands and (4) tiers. The design air volume range is CFM 5,160 - 14,190 CFM depending on application and Air-to-Cloth ration desired. -- Fan Systems: Suitable for (fan-motor not included) a floor mounted blower and motor about 30 - 40 HP, depending on desired CFM. -- System Includes: Control Panel, Passive "ProFlap" Model PF+ 560 (22” dia.) inlet isolation valve, (2) hoppers, and support stand. . -- Media Technology: Continuous Pulse Jet type Collector utilizing bags that are engineered by a hydro-entanglement process using water to blend the fibers thus providing a more uniform media with smaller pores for improved loading/cleaning/life and lower energy use and maintenance. Provides high dust loading at high filtration velocities for constant level of resistance for many difficult to handle applications. Filters mounted on a unique wire frame ensures optimum air flow . The blowpipe (jet tube) injects bursts of compressed air provides thorough cleaning. -- Compact modular design with high-entry inlet great for fine dust as well as conventional separation.

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