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2019 Cantek CFS-100/EM-12  End Matcher
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COMPUTERIZED DEFECT AND END-MATCHING SYSTEM consisting of a Cantek model CFS-100 Optimizing Cut-Off Saw followed by a Cantek Model EM-10 or EM 12 Through-Feed End Matcher and with the following specifications and features: -- 4" x 11" or 3.2" x 12" cutting capacity with 18" x 30mm bore sawblade is driven by a 10 HP motor driving the saw spindle at 3,200 RPM; 2.7 HP serve drive feed system drives the stock up to 260 FPM; 0.787" min. distance between crayon marks; requires 75 to 80 PSI at the saw and 100 to 120 PSI at defect blow-off station. Machine comes completely wired and programmed. -- Machine is ideal for defect cutting finger joint blocks or cutting fixed lengths against a predetermined cutting list; cuts fixed lengths, random blocks and optimization; provides 3 to 5 times greater production than manual cut-off saws.; 5% + material recovery (5% yield increase) over manual cutting; compact and user-friendly design; controller adopts an industrial grade computer that employs a 32-bit floating-point DSP system and features flash and battery backup SRAM for double security; superior to conventional PC-based controls, it can fully eliminate the machine going down or being damaged due to a poor environment, such as, unstable voltage, high temperature, sawdust, etc. -- With defect blow-off system combined with computerized logic control permits the blow-off time and the length of defect to be set as desired; provides efficient defect removal and eliminates defects from bumping against the sawblade, resulting in the machine going down or sawblade damage. -- Computer control provides easy and fast maintenance; feed system driven by a servo motor for fast and accurate motion and position control; max. feed speed up to 260 FPM; cutting rate up to 80 cuts per minute with cutting accuracy within approx. ±1mm /0.40"; control employs a touch screen for easy learning and operation; new machine design features maximum maintenance convenience; high quality electric components provide maximum dependability; safety guards for maximum operator protection; 48" long infeed table standard - longer available option; 18" carbide blade included. -- (5) Cutting modes include: -- Adjustable end cuts to a max. of 10mm(.4") -- Fixed length of cutting mode -- Sequential cutting mode with (10) sets of cutting sizes held in memory (for sequential cutting mode only) -- Cutting on fluorescent marks with double end trimming -- Reading fluorescent marks with double end trim, fixed length, finger joint block cutting. -- CANTEK model EM-10 / EM-12 END MATCHER & FINGER JOINT SHAPER with continuous through-feed system; handles random length min. 10.6" to any length x 0.4" to 1.38" thickness x 10" or 12" width capacity; 295 FPM max. feed speed; 75 FPM based on 6'-6" board lengths; with 118" infeed and 98" outfeed tables; 5.5 HP shaper motors, 1 HP feed motor and 1/2 HP cutter stroke motor and 24-volt control system; clamping from top and outside side; 40mm spindle

Jeff Terrill
800-374-5009 ext:349

2019 Cantek EM-12  End Matcher

CANTEK EM-12 End Matcher;1.6" to 12" Width x 0.4" to 1.38" thickness (to 2-1/4" optional) x 10.6" min. length capacity. Unlimited lengths possible.Specifications: -- Feed speeds to 295 FPM with approximate production speeds of 77 FPM (based on 6-1/2' incoming boards). -- Standard 176" long infeed table and standard 130" long outfeed table; -- (2) 7-1/2 HP cutterhead motors with 40 mm spindle diameters; 1 HP feed motor; 1/2 HP motor drive to cutterhead carriage; clamping pressure from top and side; 24 volt DC controls.Standard equipment and Features: -- Designed for machining tongue & groove with or without V's on flooring and panel products; designed to be used for finger joint cutting. -- Heavy-duty self supporting main frame; compact design requires minimum floor space.Feedworks: -- Capable of processing material as short as 11" to an unlimited length; variable speed through-feed systems is controlled by frequency inverter; through-feed system allows the tongue to be cut simultaneously on the tail of one board and the leading edge of the next board. -- Powered top Urethane rolls and spring loaded bed rollers feed the material into position for processing. -- Pneumatic side pressure ensures the material is held square against the fence.Complete with: -- Safety and noise reduction enclosure; convenient touch screen control is used to quickly activate and adjust the machine functions. -- Powered 176" long infeed conveyor is included (additional length optional); with a 130" long outfeed table (additional length optional). -- Includes: (4) Individual Precision Insert Tooling Heads as Supplied with Machine & stacked to make (1) pair of heads; set of heads provided for groove on left and tongue on right.

Jeff Terrill
800-374-5009 ext:349

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