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2020 Quick 40 SECTION AUTOMATIC  Clamp Carrier

QUICK 40 Section Automatic Clamp Carrier: -- Clamp Carrier: (40) Sections with 8-1/2' width cap., (6) heavy duty zinc plated clamps per section (240 clamps total), 40" opening on clamps with quick adjustment (other lengths available). -- Clamps jaws are 3-1/2" high x 4-3/4" wide with 1° inward draft to keep stock securely held down. Clamps use 3/4" dia. full-length screws; corrosion resistant, zinc plated, full box frame. -- For face gluing, Rocking Plates available as optional equipment. -- Equipped with: -- Fully Automatic Hydraulic Clamp Tightener with adjustable torque limiter, integral Hydraulic Panel Flatteners and Electric Motor Drive with fully Automatic Carrier Rotation Cycle. Two control panels maximize ease-of use. Rack and pinion carriage traverse system is solid and quietFeatures: -- The QUICK Automatic Clamp Carrier is the ideal labor-saving device for the high-production furniture or cabinet manufacturer. The Automatic Clamp Carrier cuts labor costs in half by allowing the Clamp Carrier operator to perform other tasks (such as applying glue to stock, etc.) while the machine automatically flattens panels, tightens clamps, rotates, and loosens clamps. -- After loading wood into a section of clamps, the operator presses the "Auto Tighten" button. The hydraulic Automatic Carriage then traverses from left to right, flattening panels and tightening clamps that it finds along the way. When the Carriage reaches the right end of its traverse, the machine performs an automatic rotation cycle, which brings the next section of clamps down to the operator’s position. The Carriage then traverses from right to left, loosening clamps that it finds along the way. -- The Fully Automatic Clamp Carrier can also be used in manual or semi-automatic modes, by pressing buttons on the Control Panels. -- Complete with & Includes: -- Foot levelers, coiled air lines, flexible conduit for electric wires, automatic air line oiler, high quality urethane finish coating, and tool box with spare parts & tools.

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