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2000 Dustex 3339-6-6  Dust Collection System

DUSTEX 3339-6-6 Pulse-Jet Dust Collector with Rotary Air Lock. -- Overall Specs: 9,000 CFM @ 17.7 Air-to-cloth ratio, rectangular bag house (design pressure +/-15" w.g.); 508 sq ft of cloth area using Polyester Felt singed filter bags. -- Blower: 25 HP fan/motor on clean air side (mounted separately on the ground), pull through unit (chips and debris are not run through the fan blades). -- Filter Cleaning: Unique Pulse-Jet Type Collector features: Remote Venturi - Low Entrance Velocity Cleaning Air (prevents re-sticking to the bag); bag cleaning by timed reverse pulse jets of air (85 - 100 PSIG max. air pressure) via approx (3) GOYEN pulse jet diaphragm valves (85 - 100 psig operating pressure, 150 psig max.), magnehelic gauge to monitor pressure differential across bags. -- Includes: 1 HP gearmotor driven rotary air lock with square discharge opening, access ladder and support stand. -- Features: A new set of filter bags from DUSTEX are included. Dimensional drawing will be supplied. -- Approx dimensions 69" x 60" x 210" H and weight 5,000 Lbs..

Tony Cornacchione
800-374-5009 ext:432

Dustex 3439-7-12  Dust Collection System

DUSTEX 3439-7-12 Dust collector with Rotary Air Lock and High Temperature Construction. -- General Data: Baghouse design with hopper at bottom, 12,000 CFM at 10:1 ratio. Approx 40 HP TEFC motor driving a CINCINNATI HDBI air handling fan, ground mounted. A total of 1,200 sq. ft. of filter media ( bags 6" dia. x 84"' long). -- Filter Cleaning: Reverse air low pressure cleaning of the bags (requires 85 - 100 PSI compressed air). -- Design Type: Air inlet is located on hopper section, air rises from hopper around bags where the solid particles are deposited on the outside of the bags. The air stream then passes through the fabric filter media and is exhausted from the collector; compressed air jets periodically to shock and backflush the filter bags causing the collected particles to fall down into the hopper. -- Complete with: 10" Rotary air lock; truck transfer fan; steel support stand with clearance under the air lock; access ladder and top railing. -- NOTE: Filter originally built for 250 °F operation so it has extra heavy sidewalls. For current application filter bags are for a swdust operation (non high temperature) and need to be replaced for high temp application. -- Actual model is 3439-7-12.

Tony Cornacchione
800-374-5009 ext:432

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