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Go Fast saws are the forest industries best low profile thin kerf resaws for pallet and grade lumber, de-dusters, chop saws and custom machinery. Known for low cost, quality built machines that last and produce a profit since the 1990's. Now UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP! Our entire line of quality machines are once again available as well as parts, most of which are in-stock!
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Go Fast Mfg TS10

The Go Fast TS10 Trim Saw is a heavy duty and compact machine, perfect for trimming boards or cants to size. The easy to use moveable length stops are quick to adjust and allow for multiple, simultaneous board sizes. The easy stop system makes it simple for the operator to cut boards to length. The operator can safely cut boards without ever having to stand on the blade side of the machine or have their hands near rotating shafts and sprockets. Sturdy is the one thing Go Fast had in mind when making the TS10 Trimmers. Weighing approximately 1,600 lbs with 3 X 3 tubular framing, you can bet that these saws will be around for the long run!

Go Fast Mfg Unscrambler

The Go Fast Unscrambler singulates material into your system, one piece at a time. The cut-off saw operator or anyone else you choose has three simple controls at their fingertips. This eliminates the labor of manually loading material onto your saw. The Go Fast Unscrambler is built super heavy-duty and uses large H78 chain and sprockets throughout the chain decks. The optional sprockets in the center of the package deck break stickered or frozen bundles apart before the material falls into the unscrambler pit. Removable steel catch arms are included on the infeed side of the package deck to help prevent material from falling off.

Go Fast Mfg NXL-M Single Head

The NXL-M notcher from Go Fast Manufacturing is raising the standard for manual operated, single head notchers. Because it was designed with SAFETY, PRODUCTION, and PRICE in mind, this low cost solution is the perfect fit for many pallet operations. The large 6” thick capacity allows for up to 540 notched stringers per hour! The NXL-M features a safety pop-up gate that ensures the sliding table cannot be moved until the operator presses a push button to initiate the cycle. Another great benefit of purchasing the NXL-M is that it can be upgraded to become a semi-automatic notching machine, considerably increasing your production in the future.

Go Fast Mfg FWT-20 Slab and Firewood Trim Saw

Turn your waste slabs into cash! The Go Fast Slab Trim Saw is designed to trim pallet cut stock slabs into firewood. A compact, safe, and fast way to get money back out of your waste! This saw can quickly cut each slab into 3 or more pieces of firewood. Similar to our multi-head trim saws, these saws have the capacity to cut 45 slab pieces or 135 firewood pieces per minute.

Go Fast Mfg 6x12 Master Resaw

The 6 X 12 Master Resaw: If your looking for a low cost solution to cutting up to 12" wide material, look no further. These saws are equipped with 20HP motors and 10" wide conveyor belts. THE SAME MASTER RESAW WITH A BIGGER PACKAGE. NEED TO CUT WIDER? ASK US ABOUT THE GO FAST GRADE SAW.

Go Fast Mfg 6x6 Master Return Resaw

The 6 X 6 Master Return Resaw is very similar to our 6 X 8 Master Resaws. This automatic return resaw is equipped with a powered hold-down and an innovative powered belt return, which is self adjusting and offers operators the ability to fine-tune the return belt height and angle to fit your specific mix of products. When setting the sawblade to the desired board thickness, the feed belt conveyor and the return belt are all simultaneously adjusted to maintain optimum height for peak performance.

Go Fast Mfg 6 x 8 Master Resaw

The Go Fast 6 X 8 Master Resaw is a universal and adaptable band resaw that is great for all sawing needs. The compact design and variable speed allows it to fit into any operation. The 6 X 8 Master Resaw is accurate and easy to adjust. Multiple head configurations are available up to 6 heads.

Go Fast Mfg NEW! TWIN NXL Double Head

Go Fast Manufacturing is excited to announce the release of the newest addition to their impressive line of pallet notchers. The new “Twin NXL” notcher is the Go Fast machine designed to focus on the middle tier of today’s pallet makers and specialty sawmills. The “Twin NXL” is a heavy-duty double head pneumatic manual notcher designed to fill the gap between today's entry-level single head pneumatic notchers and high-end, high-production, and expensive, auto-feed double head notchers.

Go Fast Mfg NXL Single Head

The Go Fast NXL Single Head Notcher is a compact, heavy duty, and safe machine for your notching needs. Notch new or recycled material or even 6" wide cants. Need a notcher that was actually built for recycled material? With a 3/8" thick steel framing and a 3/8" thick steel table top, the NXL Notcher will hold-up against the toughest of jobs!

Go Fast Mfg DD-103

The Go Fast DeDuster is the answer to sawdust left on boards. Material can be fed by hand or from an inline process into the machines hopper. An adjustable gate allows the rubber feed belt to pull the bottom board forward to the feed wheel and through the top and bottom rotating brushes. The two rotating stainless steel brushes sweep residual sawdust to the side, efficiently and effectively removing residuals. The boards exit through a set of pinch rollers which pull the board out of the machine. As the boards clear the gate, the next board drops and repeats the process. An optional board knocker throws the stack backwards breaking frozen or stuck boards apart.

Go Fast Mfg 2NX - Double Head Notcher

The Go Fast 2NX Double Head Notcher is a simple and heavy duty notching machine. Quickly notch boards, recycled material, entire cants, and even un-notched pallets with the cogged chain infeed system. This notcher comes standard with variable infeed speed that is adjustable from 0-36 FPM with the turn of a knob.

Go Fast Mfg MET-20 Multi-Head Trim Saw

The Go Fast MET-20 is a high production, multi-head trim saw designed to boost your production into the fast lane! Available with up to (8) 20" circle saw blades with 5HP blade motors.

Go Fast Mfg DET-20

The Go Fast Double-End Trim Saw is a fast action, adjustable head system that can process up to 4-1/2" tall material. This machines sturdy construction, quick cycle time, and simplicity will add to any operation. Our standard DET-20 is perfect for cutting boards and lumber. Cutting something bigger? Ask about our cant package. With a 10HP blade motor upgrade and the addition of HD chain coggs, these trimmers are the perfect saw for any job.

Go Fast Mfg Go-Around Grade System

Thin Kerf sawing will yield up to 30% more yield over circle sawing, the Go Fast Go-Around Grade System is a heavy duty, high capacity, and economical solution for your grade sawing operation. This system comes complete: heavy duty built low profile saw, outfeed rolls with cant tipper, heavy duty cross over chains, infeed chains with turn, variable feed speed, quick adjust blade tracking and much more.

Go Fast Mfg CS24

The Go Fast CS-Series Chopsaw will add to any operation with its sturdy construction, quick cycle time, and simplicity. Its chopping action keeps material in place for accurate cuts, and it does not require a dust collector to operate. Go Fast offers two models to choose from!

Go Fast Mfg Round Table

Round tables are a simple solution for sorting your sawn boards, lumber, and cants. These heavy duty turntables collect your sawn material for stacking. Just place these at the outfeed of your saw line and let the table collect your material. The slow rotation of the large table will allow your material to collect neatly and evenly. Great for any size operation.

Go Fast Mfg Stacking Rack

The Go Fast Stacking Rack has a compact design that makes perfectly stacked boards every time and allows for banding when the bundle is complete. These racks are made of solid steel, have large greaseable hinges, and are built to last forever.

Go Fast Mfg D3 Series

The Go Fast D3 Series Deduster not only de-dusts boards, but this compact machine also de-burrs stringy material off of the sides of boards. Still equipped with the Board Knocker System, this deduster will be an asset to any operation.

Go Fast Mfg DD-79

The Go Fast DD79 Deduster is the solution to sawdust left on boards. Material can be fed by hand or from an inline process into the machine's hopper. An adjustable gate allows the rubber feed belt to pull the bottom board forward to the feed wheel and through the top and bottom rotating brushes. The easily adjustable height allows you to minimize change over down time.

Go Fast Mfg FW-16

The Go Fast Firewood Wrapper is the only industrial duty firewood wrapper available on the market today. This machine can wrap a bundle in under 12 seconds, making it the perfect solution for banding firewood bundles. The wrap is tensioned by a standard nut that ensures tight bundles and maximum wrap usage.

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