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Air Compressors (128) Airlocks (20) Band Choppers (2) Banding-Strapping Machines (94) Blowers and Fans (116) Boilers (15) Carriages (Sawmill) (25) Carriage Drives (Sawmill) (48) Chip Bins (21) Chip Cyclones (14) Chip Screens (23) Chipping Canters (1) Chop Saws (35) Circular Saw Husks (7) Circular Sawmills (72) Converyors-Lug Loader (2) Conveyors (61) Conveyors Board Dealing (102) Conveyors Deck (Log Lumber) (239) Conveyors General (30) Conveyors-Auger (9) Conveyors-Live Floor (7) Conveyors-Run-Around (3) Conveyors-Vibrating (64) Conveyors Belts (210) Conveyors-Barn Sweep (27) Conveyors-Live Roll (130) Dip Tanks (6) Drum Dryers (12) Dry Kilns (21) Dump Hoppers (11) Dust Collection Systems (260) Edger Tailing Devices (7) Edgers-Gang (38) Edgers-Slab (3) Edgers-Vertical (4) Electrical (142) Gang Rip Saws (76) GenSets (28) Hammer Mills (2) Hydraulic Power Packs (68) Knife Grinders (38) Knucklebooms-Stationary (2) Laser Lights (5) Log Home Machinery (7) Log Irrigation (1) Log Merchandising Systems (11) Log Turners (Sawmill) (32) Lumber Stackers (38) Lumber Stickers (3) Mat Equipment (3) Metal Detectors (27) Misc (138) Operator Cabs (17) Package Saws (1) Parts and Parts Machines (5) Post and Pole Peelers (27) Power Units-Engines (13) Radial Arm Saws (26) Resaws-Circular (1) Scanning Systems (1) Scissor Lifts (51) Screening Systems (4) Setworks - Sawmill (5) Shapers (1) Sharpening Equipment (112) Shavings Baggers (2) Shavings Mills (14) Slab Saws (3) Stake Pointers (1) Tie Processings (4) Wrap and Packaging (7)


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Recently Added Items
Wood-Mizer LT 40
Wood-Mizer LT 40
Amadas 200 HP
Amadas 200 HP
2010 Marathon GEMINI EXTREME
2010 Marathon GEMINI EXTREME
Soderhamn 48.11
Soderhamn 48.11
Arasmith  Wood Chipper - Stationary

Waste Chipper w/ 50 HP motor, $12,500

 Chelsea, AL
Abneyco Equipment LLC

Armstrong Auto-Leveler  Sharpening Equipment
Call for Price

Armstrong Auto-Leveler, Recently Reconditioned, Everything Works Like NEW! Make Offer - Need to SELL! 231-734-3558 · Forest Saw Service

 Evart, MI
Forest Saw Service

Brewer Silver Eagle  Resaw-Band

Brewer Silver Eagle Single Head Bandsaw with Return and 20hp Motor, Edger & Pop Up Saw, ALL for Only $8,500. Call 276-694-4276 or 276-692-6322

 Patrick Springs, VA
Martin Pallets & Wedges

Brewer  Chop Saw

Brewer Chop Saw REDUCED Cutoff Saw 7" x 9" Capacity Live Infeed and Outfeed Rollers

Keith Comeau

Cambio Cambio-30  Debarker
Call for Price

Super Duty Cambio 30 ring debarker 80% new Infeed 24 ft Infeed conveyor 24 ft Float infeed conveyor Outfeed conveyor 50 ft Operating cab Air compressor 2 power units Switch Gear All good condition, Most new parts replaced


Cardinal  Circular Sawmill
Call for Price

COMPLETE SAW MILL CARDINAL - SWP complete semi-automatic saw mill consisting of 3-strand log in-feed chain deck; 2-strand chain seperator table; de-barker in-feed chain conveyor, MORBARK rosser head type 60 HP de-barker; c/w out-feed chain conveyor with hydraulic log tipper; 3-strand mill in-feed chain conveyor; CARNIDAL incline separator; CUT-CO 36"twin saw with twin overhead blades; cobination single cant twin slab carrier with manual refuse station; CARNIDAL incline slab de-scrambler; re-saw/grading in-feed roll conveyor; CARDNIAL 689C 42" slab re-saw automatic saw with MUDATA PLC control; 6-strand edger in-feed table; 7-strand re-saw out-feed table; CARDINAL 4-strand finished lumber out-feed table; CARDINAL incline de-scrambler; CANADIAN TRIM double end precision cut to length saw; 6-strand trim saw transfer table; waste/scrap recovery system. HAS THE CAPACITY TO SAW 40,000 BD FT OF 8 FT CEDAR IN 8 HOURS LOCATED IN ARTHURETTE, NB. COMPLETE SAW SHARPENING SYSTEMS INCLUDED. MILL COMES WITH 46 ACRES OF LAND.

 Moncton, NB
Graystone Quarries

2018 Doosan DL300-5  Wheel Loader

Comes with Whicker Lumber Forks. Equipped with loadrite scales and fire suppression systems

 Camden, AR

Dynamic Action  Conveyor-Vibrating
Call for Price

Dynamic Action Vibrating Conveyor - call Jim at 706-590-3624

 Lafayette, AL
Abneyco Equipment LLC

Fast Mat Drill  Mat Equipment

Our complete package includes: one plug-in ready FastMat Drill, staging table, floor parts, a 4ft bit and a 3-1/2in counter-sink. Drill and Assemble 60 plus mats per day (8/hr shift) with only one (1) person! NO SPACERS needed. Simply drill straight through all timbers with continuous holes. Bolts are easily pushed in by hand. Adjust from 48” wide to 60” wide mats with a simple, three (3) minute bit change. Adjust for mat thickness from a 6” to an 18” timber in less than five (5) minutes. No need to size individual timbers – unlike our competitors. Most other manufacturers’ drill units require sized timbers. This is not required for the FastMat Drill. THEREFORE, MORE TIMBER PER LOG, LESS SIDE BOARDS AND LESS WASTE. Call (270) 619-0640 today for more information!

 Princeton, KY
Fast Mat, Inc.

2019 Helle 2-saw-trimmer  Trim Saw
Call for Price

2019 Helle 2 saw trimmer-infeed with even ender, scanning and setworks to automatically move saws, 2 saw trimmer that will do 8-30ft in length and 12x12, 40ft green chain with built in pop up transfer, 2 waste conveyors, hyd power unit, like new. $125,000.00 OBO. 804-339-3816. Virginia.

 Ashland, VA

Helle 4HB  Circular Sawmill

Complete Helle Sawmill, 4 Block Carriage, Cab, Mass Setworks, Log Deck, Tract with Hydraulic Drive, Outfeed Roller Bed, Cant Belt, 2 Log Turners, Can Cut 30’ Material $100,000. 601-888-4343

 Woodville, MS
Netterville Lumber Co

Hurdle Challenger  Circular Sawmill

2010 Hurdle (3) HB Challenger Modular Sawmill, S/N 1424, 36” Opening, Mac Air Valves, 48’ Long Carrier, (3) Strand Extended Infeed Log Deck W/ Hydraulic Motor & Runex Winch Drive, 30 Gallon Gear Tech Pump & Valve, Standard Type Log Turner, Computer Sets W/ Manuel Override, Outfeed Belt Extension, (ref #135) Cornell 42” Barn Sweep Conveyor for Dust Removal (ref #135) add $4,000 READY TO LOAD!

 Millwood, KY
Kittrell Sawmill Brokers and Appraisers

1988 Jackson Lumber Harvester Model-30D-6-Chain-Drive-Box  Shavings Mill

Everything you need to start an animal shaving business. Shaving Mill, dryer, bagger, bulk load trailer, forklift. This is coming from an estate sale and everything must be sold. OPEN TO TRADES. For any questions or serious inquiry call 618-304-0025

 Vienna, IL

Jocar 1250/180  Resaw-Band

JOCAR 48" horizontal resaw with runaround system to include: 13' roller conveyor infeed with cant turners; 100 HP resaw to handle 18" x 18" cant complete with linear cylinder to move saw up and down, and with double wide, flat type, chain bed with hold down system; 20 HP hydraulic unit; 4' x 4' operator's cab with controls; 65' outfeed roll case with pusher fence separation system; 5' x 4 strand transfer for return cant; 40' return roller conveyor for cants; 12' infeed cant deck to infeed roller conveyor; electrical panel with AB controls (jog setworks); and legs with sub-steel. PRICE REDUCED. $55,000 OBO

 Burlington, NC

McDonough  Band Mill (Wide)

McDonough 7' Band Head Rig, 17° Slant, Mechanical Strain, Completely Rebuilt by McDonough 2017, Sawing Lumber Daily. $85,000 641-722-3348

 Drakeville, IA
RJ Lumber

Meadows Mills  Circular Sawmill

Meadows #1 Mill $9000 706-870-0682 2HB w/ third dead knee hydraulic carriage air kickers tailing belt

 Homer, GA

Morbark 640  Debarker
Call for Price

Morbark 640 Debarker System 3 Strand Log Infeed to Infeed Trough Debarker Head with Cab & Controls Outfeed Trough 3 Arm Kicker & Bark Conveyor.

 Clarksburg, TN
LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co.

Newman Km 16 Newly Rebuilt/Refurbished  Trim Saw

Newly Rebuilt/Refurbished Newman KM16 Trim Saw 5 overhead saw units with V-Belt Drives 7.5 hp, 1800 RPM, 3/60/230-460 arbor motors 1 ½ hp feed motors 20-60 FPM variable speed #60 roller chains with 2 ¼” high chain dogs Max material trim thickness – 4” Minimum material trim length – 18” Max material trim length – 16’ Saw blades – 18”, 1 ¼” bore, 5 negative hook, .050” side clearance Scrap Conveyor – 12 wide, Lumber Conveyor – 12” wide, 1 ½” hp drive motor Weight – Approximately 7000 lbs. Floor space needed – 22’ x 6’9”, working height – 36”, overall height – 5’ 480V to the Machine, 120V to the controls - This machine has been rebuilt to the highest standards; Start operating this like-new KM16 for half the cost of a factory new unit.

 Sterrett, AL
Smith Machine Worx

Newnes 20ft  Converyor-Lug Loader

Newnes Revolver Lug Feeders, 20’ Right Hand, REDUCED to $8,000

 Lebanon, OR
West Coast Industrial Systems, Inc

Nicholson A1  Debarker
Call for Price

Nicholson A1 44” Ring Debarker with Structure, Infeed and Outfeed

 Woodville, MS
Netterville Lumber Co

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