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A leader in custom sawmill machinery, Cooper Machine utilizes proven technology with the latest innovations to design and manufacture quality sawmill equipment. Cooper Machine is best known for our Scraggs, but we also offer a full line of sawmill equipment including Edgers (with or without optimization), Merchandising Systems, Sorting Systems, MIT Resaws and Carriages, Cooperage Equipment and Prodesa Pellet Mills.

Cooper Machine Carriage (Sawmill) For Sale

Carriage (Sawmill) 

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Meadows Mills 3 Head Block
Meadows Mills 3 Head Block
Cooper Machine MH/SC True Lumber  Carriage (Sawmill)
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Cooper Machine has a MIT True Lumber System available and in stock. This machine includes: - For logs 8-17' long and up to 36" in diameter - 17.5° stationary slant carriage has three reinforced steel knees, pneumatic dogs, motorized log rotators, board and sawdust conveyor, full hydraulic drive and three arms to assist in rotating logs on the car - Inclined double cut 17.5° movable headrig with 49 inch solid steel wheels, 6" band, high tension pneumatic system, mobile pressure guides, mechanized rails and winch for headrig movement with 30hp motor with electromagnetic brake frequency inverter - 6 x 6 climate controlled cab - Comes as a modular unit with 20' log infeed and substeel - Includes five days of startup with both a MIT and Cooper technician. This machine does not include any setworks, so you can use whichever system you want to. Setworks can be added at an additional price. This machine has a smaller footprint than a conventional carriage. The modular unit allows for lower installation and start up costs. Built heavy with a combined modular weight of over 90,000lbs. This machine is currently disassembled for shipping. It's priced ready to move. For more information, give us a call.

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Cooper Machine Company, Inc.

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