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1985 Morbark 640
Call For Price
1985 Morbark 640
Call For Price
Call For Price
2018 Ligna
2018 Ligna
2017 American Wood Dryers Lignomat  Dry Kiln

Brand New kilns never installed, all packaged up to be loaded on truck for shipment. Drying Capacity: 30 M3 / 12,750 bf of 4/4 Lumber Equipment Quantity: 2 kilns shared center wall Total Drying Capacity: 60 M3 / 25,500 bf of 4/4 Lumber Kiln Loading Mode: Forklift Kiln Structure: All Aluminum Prefab Heating Media: Low Pressure Steam kiln dimension: width [m] 5.8m depth[m] 6 height to ceiling 4.3 Stack size: length [m] 5.5 depth [m] 4 height [m] 4.3

 Hammond, IN
Brenco LLC

Arasmith 50 X 101  Hogs and Wood Grinders

Model Number: ARASMITH 50X101 TOP FEED SALVAGER HOG PORTABLE UNIT SERIAL: 50-101-HH-1040 CAT 3412 950 HP 3 AXEL TRAILER All is in working condition except the knuckle boom needs hydraulic hoses to the boom, the hog needs 1 set of Hog screens, Hoses are new under the loader cab, 120,000 Contact : Greg Arasmith Arasmith Industries International LLC PH (706) 235-8576 Ex 102 FX (706) 291-1894

Arasmith Industries International, LLC

Call for Price

Cardinal  Circular Sawmill
Call for Price

COMPLETE SAW MILL CARDINAL - SWP complete semi-automatic saw mill consisting of 3-strand log in-feed chain deck; 2-strand chain seperator table; de-barker in-feed chain conveyor, MORBARK rosser head type 60 HP de-barker; c/w out-feed chain conveyor with hydraulic log tipper; 3-strand mill in-feed chain conveyor; CARNIDAL incline separator; CUT-CO 36"twin saw with twin overhead blades; cobination single cant twin slab carrier with manual refuse station; CARNIDAL incline slab de-scrambler; re-saw/grading in-feed roll conveyor; CARDNIAL 689C 42" slab re-saw automatic saw with MUDATA PLC control; 6-strand edger in-feed table; 7-strand re-saw out-feed table; CARDINAL 4-strand finished lumber out-feed table; CARDINAL incline de-scrambler; CANADIAN TRIM double end precision cut to length saw; 6-strand trim saw transfer table; waste/scrap recovery system. HAS THE CAPACITY TO SAW 40,000 BD FT OF 8 FT CEDAR IN 8 HOURS LOCATED IN ARTHURETTE, NB. COMPLETE SAW SHARPENING SYSTEMS INCLUDED. MILL COMES WITH 46 ACRES OF LAND.

 Moncton, NB
Graystone Quarries

Case 586 E  Forklift

Construction King, 4WD rough terrain, Cummins diesel power

 Sparta, KY

Chicago Clean Side  Blowers and Fans

Chicago Clean Side Blower, Backward Incline, 100 HP, Motor included but no controls, $14,000 – 713-304-8544

 Pasedena, TX
Pasedena Skid

1994 Cooper Machine Complete Mill  Scragg Mill
Call for Price

1994 Cooper End Dogging Complete Scragg Mill

Pallet Machinery Group

Crosby 32 IN  Edgers-Board

Crosby Edger 32”, 3 Saw, 2 Moveable, Reconditioned, Good Condition Asking $5,000 obo 440-669-5554/440-632-1997

 Middlefeild, OH
H K Logging

Emerson 125 HP  Electrical

Emerson 125 HP 3 Phase Motor, Excellent Condition $2,550 & Benshaw 150HP RS6 Soft start $1,950 Call Dwight 724-912-4502

 Blairsville, PA
Chestnut Ridge Mulch LLC

2007 G Tek Industries Grade  Resaw-Band
Call for Price

G Tek Single Head Grade Band Resaw With Complete Run Around System, Cab and Set works, 5 Way Seperator. Just about the Same as a Brewco B-1600. Additional Pictures available on Request

 Clarksburg, TN
LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co.

Hemco Complete Line  Trimmer

Complete Hemco Trimmer line W/Unscrambler, Even end Spiral Roll Case, Board Singulator, Even Ending Rollcase, Lugged Timed Chain Thur Trimmer, 20’Trim Saw, Lugged chain and Even End Rollcase And Hyd. Unit... $50,000 Loaded on your trailer!

 Lafayette, AL
Abneyco Equipment LLC

Hurdle 3 HB Magnum LT  Carriage (Sawmill)

Hurdle Carriage 3 HB Magnum LT Set Shaft Carriage with Computer Setworks, 4 Years old $45,000 717-548-2668 Ext 3

 Peach Bottom, PA
Stoltzfus Forest Products
717-548-2668 ext:6

Hutto HU36  Shavings Mill

Comes with everything you see in the pictures. If you have any questions, give us a call! 803-564-7173

 Aiken, SC
Hutto Wood Products

Irvington-Moore 4 Strand  Lumber Stacker

Irvington-Moore/USNR Lumber Stacking Machine, 4 Strand, Tilt Hoist, 6' Stacks, Everything for $28,000 OBO 740-245-5804

 Thurman, OH
S & J Lumber

2019 Jocar MDHM160F  Edgers-Slab
Call for Price

VERTICAL ARBOR SLAB RECOVERY GANGS are designed to process 3 sided slabs into pallet boards. Ten (10) vertical, interior feed rolls are standard. Variable speed feed system up to 175 FPM. 2" automatic cant variance allows both 3 1/2" and 5 1/2" wide cants to be run back to back with no operator involvement or machine adjustments. Machine utilizes one bottom "clean-up" saw to eliminate irregular shaped pieces assuring flat, square pallet boards. 30" to 60" lengths. Can be partnered with a slab edger and trimmer to recover boards with NO operators.

 Burlington, NC

Keystone Machinery 4in x 12in  Shavings Mill

Keystone 4” x 12” Shaving Mill, good shape, extra knives, $7,500 - 719-843-0280

 Antonido, CO
Quality Timbers & Wood Products

Linden  Step Feeder 4-36-50  Conveyors Decks (Log Lumber)
Call for Price

Used Linden double acting step feeder(s), Linden 4-36-50 log step feeder, serial# 98-1151 and 1152, 4 steps, 36" stroke, 50 degree angle, 25 hp electric motor belt driven to SM Cyclo reducer drive, approximately 4ft elevation gain, each box is 24" wide and is referred to "narrow box version" and has maximum contact on logs, 22 boxes wide, log length capacity 50ft, factory prints/drawings can be view in photos, Step feeder can be used as 2 individual 25ft long feeders and is priced at per 25ft section- 2 total section available - both run independently and has a electric motor and gear reducer for each section, estimated weight of each 25ft section is approximately 50,000 LBS or 100,000LBS for the total 50ft section. All information is from Linden MFG and we have a copy of the original drawings available, Step feeders are stored in our yard and ready for prompt shipment. Price includes loading onto truck, we can also quote you a delivered price to your location. YouTube videos of step feeder before it was dismantled: , , , ,

 Toledo, WA
Machinery Scene

Call for Price

McDonough 62in  Resaw-Band
Call for Price

McDonough 62" Horizontal Resaw System Includes Resaw,Cab w/Setworks, Electrical, Complete Runaround Conveyors, Infeeds & Outfeeds, Ready to Run. Set Up for Long Lumber & Bridgemat Production. Where cutting up to 40' Lengths.

 Clarksburg, TN
LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co.

McDonough Complete Linebar Sytstem  Resaw-Band

McDonough Linebar Resaw complete system, installed in 2005 and only run about 5 million board feet. Includes SD6A 3 press roll Linebar, Infeed, Outfeed, complete Setworks and Runaround. Still original paint on Table Rolls. Currently installed in Maine. This Resaw really is like brand new. Less than half price of new. Asking $400,000

 Cornish Flat, NH
Yankee Veneer Corp

Montgomery Industries 50IN  Hogs and Wood Grinders

Montgomery 50" Horizontal Hog, Good Condition, Was Working Daily, Already Taken Out, Lots of New Teeth $12,900 obo 859-556-3648/606-209-1405

 Flemingsburg, KY

Montgomery Industries 34RCGO  Hogs and Wood Grinders

Blo Hog 34RCGO BU, S/N 1848, w/300hp Electric motor, Will Sell Seperate

 Loveland, OH
Price Wood Products

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