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Since 1982, Wood-Mizer has become the world’s largest manufacturer of portable band sawmills with tens of thousands of bandmills sold. Today, Wood-Mizer offers portable & industrial sawmills, resaws, edgers, kilns, log splitters, bandsaw blades and blade maintenance equipment for woodworking hobbyists and forestry professionals all over the world.
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Wood-Mizer HR120 Horizontal Resaw

The HR120 Horizontal ReSaw is an affordable, entry-level resaw based on an innovative design that cuts extremely accurate lumber. Different from most entry-level resaws, the HR120 has a large 16” width capacity and is powered by either gas, diesel, or electric power. This unit features all electrical drives, eliminating the need for hydraulics. The HR120 is perfect for remanufacturing boards, cants, and reclaiming slabs into finished products, especially pallet boards. The heavy-duty bed easily tilts to cut at an angle, producing lap siding and moulding blanks, while the optional shingle belt makes it a breeze to produce perfect shake shingles. Simple to run and maintain, the HR120 will boost productivity for both sawyers and industrial operations.

Wood-Mizer HR1000

Complete, High-end Resaw Choose from one to six heads on this high-end resaw with potential to produce up to seven boards at once. This machine easily integrates into existing systems and has a small footprint so you can maximize your space. The powered hold-down rollers ensure tight tolerances for the most precise requirements. An optional Merry-Go-Round (MGR) system can be added to automate the entire process of breaking down larger cants.

Wood-Mizer HR300

This quality, single-head resaw was designed to run all day for many years. The steel track and heavy duty construction makes for a machine that will need minimal maintenance. Angled side rollers pull material tight against the belt and the sawing head can tilt to produce angled material. The compact size and simple operation will fit seamlessly into high production operations to small workshops.

Wood-Mizer Hr250 Super

Resaw cants and boards into two or three pieces with each pass with the HR250 super horizontal band resaw! Designed for high-production lumber and pallet board operations, the HR250 features two horizontal bandsaw blades within one compact head which is ideal for resawing cants, boards, or stressed material. Powered by two 25HP (18kW) saw wheel motors and two 2HP (.75kW) gear box motors, the HR250 is built to last with heavy-duty construction, premium components, and 28" (710mm) diameter dynamically balanced steel band wheels.

Wood-Mizer HR500

Choose from one to six heads on this mid-range resaw which has a modular design for future expansion. The HR500 features a steel track for maximum durability. An optional return table is available to bring cants for a second pass.

Wood-Mizer HR700

Ideal for companies that need a large capacity, heavy-duty multi-head resaw, the HR700’s modular design makes it easy to expand from one to a maximum of six heads as production demands change. In its maximum six head configuration, the HR700 converts large cants into six boards and one slab in a single pass.

Wood-Mizer HR1000

Choose from one to six heads on this high-end resaw with potential to produce up to seven boards at once. This machine easily integrates into existing systems and has a small footprint so you can maximize your space. The powered hold-down rollers ensure tight tolerances for the most precise requirements. An optional Merry-Go-Round (MGR) system can be added to automate the entire process of breaking down larger cants.

Wood-Mizer HR2000/HR2500

The TITAN HR2000/HR2500 Resaws pack a punch when it comes to performance for such a small package. When fitted with 3-inch stellite-tipped blades, these machines are more than capable of feed speeds in excess of 130ft/min (40 m/min) without wavering in the cut. Its high performance is the result of many years of design refinement. They utilize the high strain TITAN column design offering accurate, high speed cutting at an affordable price. These machines are highly versatile. They can be fitted with narrowband blades or 3-inch performance blades. It can be used to process sideboards and square cants alike. With their solid frames, these machines can be moved quickly and integrated into existing operations with ease. Their flexibility, low power consumption, high performance and high quality makes them our most popular resaws on the market. Available in single or twin head configurations

Wood-Mizer HR4000/HR6000

The TITAN HR4000/HR6000 Twin Resaws offer ultra-fast size changes during the resawing process. As little as 0.3 seconds is needed to change the size for each and every sideboard (depending on thickness), even when feeding at over 20 pieces per minute (depending on board length). As a result optimal recovery is achieved, unlocking extra product that previously would have gone to waste. Importantly, no sorting of material is needed prior to this machine. Both the TITAN HR4000 and HR6000 models make use of the same heavy duty feed systems. With its larger 6-inch blades, the TITAN HR6000 model is capable of faster feed speeds, thereby offering higher production capacity. By using a Twin Head configuration, it is possible to make two cuts into each sideboard with only one pass. The TITAN HR4000 and HR6000 Twin Resaws are ideal for medium to high production sawmills. available in single or twin head configurations

Wood-Mizer EG200

The value of lumber with clean edges can often exceed the value of rough-cut boards. In one pass, Wood-Mizer’s EG200 Twin Blade Board Edger takes boards fresh off the mill and turns them into clean, square edged lumber. This edger is easy to use, with one fixed blade and one moveable blade that adjusts with a manual dial. Easily select the precise size of lumber you need, from 3" to 15" wide. Lower the perimeter fence when you need to edge only one side of a board. Add a trailer package for easy transporting.

Wood-Mizer EG400

The EG400 is a rugged board edger that is at home behind industrial headrigs or other applications requiring a fast, accurate heavy-duty board edger. Capable of processing material up to 36" wide and 4" thick, it is equipped with an automatic variable speed feed that is set by the thickness of the piece being edged. The 30HP is powerful enough to rip through thick hardwoods, but not big enough to break your energy budget. Two 16" inserted carbide teeth blades are mounted on a splined shaft and move in and out from center, allowing the use of an optional board tailer. Two lasers are included as standard equipment on the EG400, and it is equipped with anti-kickback protection and other safety features including a perimeter e-stop cable and electrically interlocked safety covers.

Wood-Mizer EG300

The EG300 is engineered as a stand alone twin blade or multrip board edger or integrated into a larger operation depending on your business needs. The wide infeed and powerful electric motor have plenty of power to handle most boards. The EG300 comes standard with Setworks and two blades (one moveable). Up to three additional blades can be added for full function multirip capability. Using its multi-rip capabilities, you can easily preset up to three widths allowing the operator to edge slabs for maximum recovery. Increase your operation's productivity with the EG300 multirip board edger.

Wood-Mizer EG800

The EG800 Manual Board Edger is designed to offer a twofold solution to small and medium-sized sawmills. This robust machine edges material up to 1.575 in (40mm) thick at high speeds, making it the ideal companion to the TITAN Resaws. It can also be run at slower feed speeds to rip material up to 4-1/4 in (107mm) thick, making it an affordable alternative to a Gangsaw. Consequently, this TITAN product is a truly versatile machine. This machine’s primary function is to edge boards received from a resaw or a QVS (quad vertical saw). The wide arbor can be packed with multiple blades. By aligning the incoming board accordingly, it is possible to achieve a multitude of product sizes, simply and affordably. Whichever its intended use, this versatile machine is incredibly robust and easy to maintain. An affordable, hardworking solution for any mill!

Wood-Mizer MR3000/MR5000

Our multirips are ideal workhorse machines, producing the majority of finished product in most of our sawmills. The simplicity of our design, coupled with solid construction and plenty of power, produce high throughput and top quality results. Multirips are capable of making multiple high tolerance cuts in a single pass. Proper alignment of the cant going into the Multirip produces excellent throughput and recovery. Optical sensors detect the presence of material, activating pneumatically assisted driven hold-downs to apply pressure down onto the cant, and guiding the timber accurately through the cut. The high accuracy on board thickness along with the excellent cutting finish achieved by these circular saws result in improved recovery savings further down the line in the dry-milling/ finishing process. This beast of a machine is a must-have in any high volume sawmilling operation.

Wood-Mizer EA1000 EA3000

The TITAN Optimizing Edger uses optical scanning technology to achieve high precision and low waste edging of boards. The entire edging process is automated. First, each board is scanned. The profile of each board is then analysed by a computer, which decides on the best product to maximize recovery. Decisions are based on both volume recovery and product value. After scanning, the boards pass through an alignment station and then are sawn. The EA1000/EA3000 is capable of handling up to 25 boards per minute and is the ideal machine to edge boards coming from the TITAN Resaw. Electric servo sizing system achieves any width of cut without complication. Parallel PLC / computer control systems allow the machine to be switched over to manual mode with a single button. Online support allows our technicians to dial into your machine to troubleshoot it remotely. Overall, the TITAN Optimizing Edger is a simple, robust and automated solution to your edging needs.

Wood-Mizer LT35HD

The LT35HD featuring hydraulic log handling is the first step to reducing labor and increasing productivity. Rugged and compact, this mill will be there where you need it the most and will rise to your challenges.

Wood-Mizer LT15

The LT15 is an overachiever in its class and has produced more than 2.5 times its published board foot per hour rate in several competitive events. With more standard horsepower than the LT10 and the ability to saw unlimited log lengths, the LT15 is a powerhouse that will take on any size project, dream or lumber demand.

Wood-Mizer LT10

The LT10 is an entry-level sawmill for weekend sawyers. Woodworkers, farmers, furniture makers, and homesteaders who love the idea of sawing their own lumber, find the LT10 exceeds all expectations for an entry-level bandsaw mill. The simple and sturdy LT10 sawmill makes sawing easy with the ability to produce lumber up to 160 board feet per hour from 24” diameter by 11’ long logs. In order to saw longer logs, an unlimited number of 7’ bed extensions can be added to extend the sawmill bed to any required cutting length.

Wood-Mizer LX150

Robust twin rail sawmill with powered saw head controls, gas power, 36 inch log diameter, 35-1/2 inch width of cut, 18 foot 5 inch log length, and optional SimpleSet Setworks & Debarker.

Wood-Mizer LX250

Loaded and turned with support equipment, logs are secured on the convenient raised bed cross sections by three adjustable steel side supports and two adjustable log clamps. With powered up/down, the saw head height is precisely positioned for each cut. SimpleSet setworks saves two pre-set board thicknesses to quickly and accurately control blade height while referencing from the previous cut. Once the powered blade guide arm is adjusted for the cut, the blade is engaged and saws through the log by the powered forward/reverse controls using a dual power feed chain system. Turned on and off with a manual valve, the gravity fed lubrication is applied directly to the blade to keep it clean and free of pitch and sawdust build-up. Once the cut is completed, the saw head is raised and reversed by the powered saw head controls and positioned for the next cut.

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