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Providing Precision Crosscut Systems used to cut whole bundle of lumber to length with a precision of =/- 1mm (.040") and in under one minute. When you need precision package cutting capability call Holtec for the Profitable Solution.
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HOLTEC USA Selecut inVin Series

Up to 100% faster than other crosscut systems.1 The HOLTEC "V" series incorporates depth-programmable controls and is available as an optional cutting assembly on any HOLTEC stationary system. The "V" series enters a unit of lumber at a canted angle for the smoothest possible entry, then swivels to a horizontal plane upon reaching your programmed depth. This allows you to leave bottom layers of lumber uncut for easier handling of short packages. 1HOLTEC systems excluded. 2Stroke speed may vary based on specie and dimension of lumber 3Proper maintenance procedures are essential for accuracy and longevity, and accuracy results are based on HOLTEC installed systems using Scratcher® chain technology. All specifications are subject to change without notice. HOLTEC cannot be held responsible for errors in typography or photography. Photographs may show systems with optional accessories. On-site service may not be available in certain remote locations. HOLTEC, TRANSCUT, SELECUT, AUTO


HOLTEC Portable Crosscut Saws are engineered to lower your cutting costs and improve your inventory management. They allow you to cut through an entire unit of lumber in about a minute, while maintaining optimum accuracy. When you need to crosscut lumber or engineered wood products to more desirable lengths, and your operation can’t justify a permanent station, HOLTEC Portable Saws are the perfect solution. Priced for value and engineered for safety, HOLTEC Portable Saws use a “tilt-position” design, making them easy to move and position in any environment. As an added feature, our saws are electronically balanced to eliminate vibration from the motor or chain drive systems. This significantly enhances safety for your operator. Whether your yard is paved and level, or unpaved, our “tilt-position” design enables your operator to easily tilt the saw forward, moving its center of gravity over the tires for effortless mobility. This same design allows you to swivel the saw with ease into

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