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Brewer IE-01 Infeed Crossover Chain with Cant Turner

The Iron Eagle cant turners are strong enough to easily turn large cants and fast enough to turn small ones. Because they turn the cant off-line, there is no delay in feeding cants into the saw. This allows for continuous butt feeding assuring optimum throughput. The replaceable cushioned turning area minimizes bruising and reduces the shock and wear on the chain and chain bed. Minimal damage means maximum wood quality and equipment lifespan. Chain overlap eliminates deck transition jams caused by smaller cants and more consistent even-ending helps keep the system butt-fed.

Brewer IE-02 Infeed Roll Case

The Iron Eagles infeed rolls are built with robust rolls to virtually eliminate bending, flexing and premature failure. Feed speeds are capable of forward, reverse and variable speeds with a variable frequency drive maximizing butt fed operations. Built for 18in x 18in x 18ft timbers and contains entry ports for crossover chain strands.

Brewer IE-04 Outfeed Roll Case

The Iron Eagles outfeed rolls are built with robust rolls to virtually eliminate bending, flexing and premature failure. The 5' isolated section is designed to carry cants up to 18in x 18in x 18ft from the discharge end of the band saw to the Soft Tilt Board Separator.

Brewer IE-05 Soft Tilt Board Separator

Iron Eagles Soft Tilt Board Separator (Patent Pending) addresses the inherent problem with a tilting roll case. Greasable heim joint style cylinder rod ends eliminate the non-stop replacement necessary in lighter systems. We also have a specially designed hydraulic circuit that eliminates the sudden stop when returning to center that puts undue stress on the system. Taken together this lessens machine wear, maintenance cost, downtime and extends the life of the system.

Brewer IE-06 Outfeed Crossover Chain

The super strong construction of the Iron Eagle transfer decks is engineered to eliminate the stress cracks and breaks prevalent in lighter built systems. Chain failure is a thing of the past with our heavy duty 81XH conveyor chain and premium #80 roller chain.

Brewer IE-07 Return Roll Case

The Iron Eagles return rolls are built with robust rolls to virtually eliminate bending, flexing and premature failure. An electronic eye is included for traffic control. Built for 18in x 18in x 18ft timbers and contains exit ports for crossover chain strands.

Brewer IE-03C Controls

The automatic feed speed controls on the Iron Eagle saw and infeed roll case keep the system cutting at the optimum feed rate. Speeds are controlled by a mechanical feedback transducer. Lasers and ultra-sonic sensors are affected by wood color, density and other aspects of cants that can lead to inconsistent feedback increasing risk of band failure from large cants feeding too fast. Mechanical feedback eliminates this threat.

Brewer IE-03E Panel

Electronic control panels are professionally built with more standard features than competitor systems. The Iron Eagles electrical panel includes a main disconnect, soft starters with overload protection, a PLC with touch screen control panel and emergency stop buttons. All at no extra charge! No need to have a maintenance technician that’s a computer whiz. Remote access can be built into the system to allow our electrical experts to log into the PLC program and make adjustments or troubleshoot any problems that arise.

Brewer IE-08 Deluxe Cab

Iron Eagle’s deluxe operators cab comes standard with a luxury seat, arm supports, climate control and operator control stands to maximize both comfort and efficiency.

Brewer IE-03 Band Saw

The Iron Eagles core is its massive saw head, weighing in at over 6 tons. This bulky strategy helps absorb the energy of large cants, minimizes the bounce and vibrations associated with lighter saws, decreases maintenance cost and downtime while increasing overall system lifespan. The rock solid saw platform also translates into increased blade performance and improved cut quality.

Brewer BC-3

Primary Single Arbor Scragg Saw by Brewer Machine is designed to break down a log into a 2-sided cant. Equipped with sharp chain and top hold downs to hydraulically feed into single arbor saws with a variable feed rate of 40' to 150' feet per minute. The Brewer Scragg line leaves nothing to be desired, the BC-3 is one more example of that.

Brewer BC-6

Edge slabs after the scraggs with the Brewer Golden Eagle Slab Saw Edger BC-6. Wide ranged variable speed allows the edger to work with the speed of the mill. As all of Brewer's machines are, built for high out put and built to last.

Brewer BC-5

The Brewer Secondary Single Arbor Scragg Saw is designed to break down two sided cants from primary scragg into four sided cant. Equipped with centering device on in feed rolls to center cant with saw blades for maximum yield.

Brewer Golden Eagle BR-0520

We have worked with Tommy Battle and Andy Calhoun at Battle Lumber Company in Wadley, GA to develop a new gang rip saw with the latest and best for 2005. Every piece and weldment was analyzed and re-designed. The Golden Eagle engineering staff incorporated these changes into a totally redesigned 05 Gang Saw. This '05 is offered with or without a planer head. Battle Lumber choose no planer head because they had and existing planer they could use.

Brewer BR-2-89

Golden Eagle Double Head Notcher (Manual Feed Model) features (2) 30HP TEFC 3600 RPM three-phase motors, 5 belt banded drives, hand crank adjustable heads for easy setup along with Dodge D-Loc arbor bearings and is just one of the long list of Brewer's pallet machines.

Brewer Golden Eagle 2002

Designed to chamfer pallet deck boards at high speed rate with low cost per piece. Years of engineering and working with customers have allowed us to maintain a chamfer with a very smooth trouble free feed system.

Brewer Golden Eagle Side Winder Board

Brewer's Golden Eagle Side Winder Board Deduster gives you what you expect from Brewer Machinery in regards to quality, design, functionality, PLUS, much more!

Brewer BR-9915

State of the art, heavy duty design is why the the BR-9915 MTA Double Arbor Gang Saw is so highly sought after. With many features such as "turn of the knob" hydraulic feed control, solid, reinforced steel powered rolls, and all heavy duty guards separates this machine from others alike.

Brewer Diamond Eagle Single Head Bandsaw

The Diamond Eagle Band Saw is a beefed up version of an already beefed up machine. Our Diamond Eagle excels in tough environments particularly frozen lumber. The 4" blade on the Diamond Eagle Band Saw produces relatively dust-free lumber.

Brewer BR-710

Take better control of lumber with undercut saws sawing against the dog feed allowing running of boards and cants with the Brewer Under-Cut Trim Saw. Many features and options built to increase productivity and lower operating costs.

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