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Yates American A20 Planer - Matcher - the most popular planer of the last 60 years. 8" X 15" capacity. Features individual motors on top, bottom and profilers, v-belt driven side heads, variable speed feed. 6 knife heads. 60 HP top, 30 HP bottom, 20 HP top and bottom profiles. Chromed bed plate and guide rail; serated top press infeed press roll. Pineapple feed table available. Log home and other tooling available. Item # 55600 FOB Columbus, Georgia. see our entire inventory at www.benjones.com
Equipment Location:Columbus, GA
Ben Jones Machinery
YATES-AMERICAN A-20 PLANER/MATCHER WITH TOP & BOTTOM PROFILERS -- (6) Head Yates-American A- 20 planer . Planer capacity of 8" x 15”; -- All heads are with V-belt drive components which include the grip-belt sheaves, split taper bushings, grip-belts and belt guards. This unit is equipped with 1-13/16” dia. top & bottom motorized profile spindles. -- Variable speed: 300' to 800 feet per minute -- TOP HEAD, 8" cutting circle, 16-knife, with a cutting angle of 25 degrees, 75 HP, 3,500 RPM, -- BOTTOM HEAD, 8" cutting circle, 16-knife cylinder with a cutting angle of 25 degrees, 3,500 RP,M driven by (1) 50 HP, T.E.F.C. motor. -- RIGHT HEAD,driven by (1) 30 HP, 3,500 RPM, T.E.F.C. motor. -- LEFT HEAD, driven by (1) 30 HP, 3500 RPM, T.E.F.C. motor. -- BOTTOM PROFILER: V-belt drive by (1) 50 HP, 3,500 RPM, T.E.F.C. motor. -- TOP PROFILE: V-belt driven by (1) 50 HP, 3,500 RPM, T.E.F.C. motor with "C" flange assembly mounted directly on yoke. .. -- NEW BED PLATES and GUIDES with .020” thick rectified after chroming to get a better precision and finish. -- JOINTERS are supplied with the Planer for cutter head knives: (1) top head, (1) bottom head, (1) side head profile jointer. NOTES:Machine was reconditioned in 2015 with:New spindles bearingFeed rollhold downsIt ihas run only 1,200 hours since the rebuilt
Equipment Location:EASTERN CDN
Jeff Terrill
800-374-5009 ext:349
Yates A-63 4-Sided planer 16-Knives on top and bottom 12-Knives on side heads Total rebuild Spare Chrome bed Spare side heads This unit was rebuilt a few months before it was removed from service. It was producing approximately 100,000 board feet per 8 hour shift when the mill was shut down. They produced 1 x 6 lumber. During transportation, one arm that adjusts the heads up and down was slightly damaged but does not effect overall productivity and will only cost a couple hundred dollars to fix.
Equipment Location:NM
Carolina Machinery Sales, Inc