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Northtech NT-610SC-1 Top & Bottom Planer -- Capacities: 24" wide x 7.5" thick capacity; 1/4" minimum thickness; 12" minimum stock length -- Cutterheads: 40 HP top head; 30 HP bottom head; 5,800 RPM on cutterheads; (6) row spiral insert cutterheads, Carbide knives 15 mm x 15 mm x 2.5 mm 4-sided -- Feed works: 7.5 HP variable speed feed with speeds from 18 to 130 FPM; 1 HP motorized raise and lower of bed; DP-525 digital thickness controller; Carpet "spiked" style feed -- Includes: Sectional chip breaker; Hard chrome plated bed; Automatic lubrication for feed system; Amp load meter (2) 7" dust outlet.WOODSTORM SRU - Surfacing and straight line ripping system. The SRU consists of the following elements ● Pinch Roller--pulls boards from the surfacer and properly even-ends and references them to the saw infeed. ● Cross Transfer--consists of stainless steel slide plates set in-between four arms of roof top chain which accept boards from the surfacer and laterally transfer them to the Speed-up Deck. ● Speed-up Deck—Automatic pop-up fingers and a high speed chain deck combine to singulate each board and hand it over to the Saw Infeed. ● Saw Infeed -- the 17’ long fence with built-in pinch roller uses laser technology to automatically adjust to the bow in each board. After the fence has properly aligned with the saw, the board is automatically clamped and fed into the saw.NORTHTECH: NT-SLR-25SC: straight line glue joint rip saw, 25 hp spindle motor, direct motor driven. 3 hp variable speed feed, from 40 to 160 fpm. Distance from blade to column 26". For saw blade range from 12" to 20". Maximum thickness is 5.3". --Additional Features --Bottom kick back fingers automatically drop down when material is engaged and automatically re-position themselves as the material exits the fingers. --Two rows of top kick back fingers. -- Automatic oiling system for chain and raceway. -- One (1) 4" dia, and one (1) 6" dia. dust port., 2000 cfm required for dust collection.
Equipment Location:SOUTHWEST
Jeff Terrill
800-374-5009 ext:349
NORTHTECH NT 1000-50HCVS Single Side Planer, 40"Specifications: 40" Planer, 50 HP main motor, Helical Head, Adjustable bed rollers 15 mm x 15 mm x 2.5 mm Carbide Insert cutters. -- Spiral cutterhead provides high chip removal rate, superior surface finish and low noise. -- Powerful 50 HP cutterhead motor makes this planer ideal for heavy duty planing and meets high production requirements. -- Variable feed speed is mechanical variable from 0 - 90 FPM. -- Power elevation of the feed bed with "727 M Digital Table Adjustment" for fast accurate, and convenient thickness setting. -- Extra heavy rib reinforced cast iron table, surface precision ground. Equipped with: -- (4) Powered steel bed rollers. -- (4) Upper rollers. -- (2) powered corrugated infeed rollers. -- (2) Powered urethane outfeed rollers. -- Upper and lower limit switches for opening control. -- (4) Dual 50 mm jack screws for raise/lower bed movement; 12" max opening. -- 2 HP Elevation motor with manual adjust. -- Rear E-Stop for added safety. -- Dual 6" dust ports requiring 1,000 CFM @ points of extraction.
Equipment Location:MIDWEST
Ed Webb
800-374-5009 ext:377