Kansas City Bag Co super sack Mulch Bagger$4

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PO Box 427
Toledo, WA 98591
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unused-new, bulk bags, super sacks, bulk totes, FIBC- flexible intermediate bulk container, New-unused-still packaged on original packaging pallets ( bags were manufactured in October 2011 - were stored in warehouse and still stored inside), 35"x 35"x 25" S/S, weight capacity: 2,200 LBS. SWL (1000KGS) safety factor 5:1, single trip FIBC, factory bag drawing is available in photos or upon request, we have approximately 31,000 bulk bags available, bags are packaged 130 bags per pallet- (MINIMUM ORDER IS ONE PALLET: 130 bags at $3.46 each = $449.80 per pallet and will be sold in pallet quantities) , the bag information tags are labeled with the original sellers name: K.C.B. Kansas City Bag Company, document pouch, top filling spout 14” diameter and 19” long, bottom discharge chute 14” diameter and 19” long- with tabbed gusseted liner , liner, reduced price for purchasing large quantities, bags are stored inside on their original pallets with the original covers strapped to the pallets, ocean container loading available - 5200+ bags fit in a 40 ft container, bags are at our location close to ports, Call for pricing and a freight quote or with any questions. Free samples are available upon request - shipped via UPS ground, used semi-automatic bag filling machines with weight check are available- can be used to fill these bags, nationwide deliver is available, call David @360.864.2800 with any questions or for additional photos or delivered prices to your location nationwide or overseas. Estimated freight cost to northern California is 25 cents per bag in truck load quantities, estimated freight cost to southern California is 35 cents per bag in truck load quantities,


Make:Kansas City Bag Co

Model:super sack

Location:Toledo, WAMap It


Seller Information


Machinery Scene

PO Box 427
Toledo, WA 98591Map It



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