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IN STOCK!! Blockbuster Self Contained Firewood Cleaner, 4' x 8' barrel 1 1/2 spacing - chain drive - steel roller guides, Honda engine - electric start - tandem pump, 12' dual chain infeed elevator with removable front, use with loader or directly off processor, solid axle and pintle ring for easy portability, flow control on infeed elevator to control feed rate, hyd stiff leg adjustment to control rate of cleaning, bubble level for visual angle adjustment, aux elevator hookups with independent hyd valve, 4' clearance for debris box, discharge chute.
Equipment Location:Mt Pleasant, IA
Blockbuster Inc
The Palax debris cleaner cylinder removes dirt and excess bark for cleaner splitted logs. The cylinder can be equipped with an extension conveyor for bagging purposes. The unit is powered by a hydraulic motor. Check out the video.
Equipment Location:Eaton Center, NH
Brownfield Equipment, Inc.
Sami Drum Cleaner - available in electric or hydraulic drive systems, 2.1m or 3.0m outfeed conveyor.
Equipment Location:Irma, WI
Firewood Automation