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At Wood Beaver Forestry you will get more than a machine. We are committed to serving you, and we are proud of the organization we’ve built to accomplish that mission. We are like the local guy down the street when it comes to sales and service. We know you are making a considerable purchase and we are happy to help make that an easy one for you, now and down the road.
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Wood-Beaver Twister

The Wood Beaver Firewood Wrapper System is designed to quickly stretch-wrap bundles of firewood. These machines are designed to wrap firewood from 12” to 24” long. The tension spring clutch adjusts how tight the wrap stretches. The proper tensioning of the clutch spring nearly doubles the length of the wrap. This produces a clean, economical, self-tightening bundle easily stored & carried. Open ended bundles allow the wood to dry in storage.

Wood-Beaver 20 BAB

If you are looking for one Bad A Beaver, the model 20 is THE beast! Powered by a Kohler CH 1000 or Kubota 1505 engine and equipped with a Parker VOAC 7135 rpm saw, 404 18H 26” true harvester combination and backed by our “Super Split” Regenerative Dual Ram system, this BAB sends other processors home crying. This is by far the fastest cut/split combination on the market. A typical 10” hardwood log is cut in under 4 seconds and split in 3-4 seconds flat!

Wood-Beaver 18 BAB

All NEW Model 18 BAB (Bad A Beaver)- Kohler CH1000/Tandem 10 & 19 GPM pumps replaces 16 BAB - a little bigger and a little badder Standard with your choice of Log lift or Dead deck, 10' 6" Live in feed, 7,100 RPM Parker VOAC hydraulic saw motor, 18" .404 Harvester bar and chain combo, Hydraulic EZ controls for the saw and wedge, 2/4 way axe edge wedge, 12' discharge conveyor.

Wood-Beaver Lil Beaver 16

The Lil Beaver 16 Firewood Processor the most economical and perfect machine for getting your firewood business off the ground. Highly mobile and designed with the homeowner, farmer, or contract firewood producer in mind. This “one” operator machine will quickly and efficiently cut and split logs up to 17+” in diameter and 12’+ long at a rate of 1+ full cords per hour. This unit is extremely powerful!

Wood-Beaver 18

The Model 18 is quickly becoming our most popular machine – a real work horse (or rather, beaver!). Capable of doing 2 + cords per hour with good size wood, it’s fast and efficient. With our proprietary Super Split regenerative hydraulic system the splitter cycles at an incredible 4-4.5 seconds!

Wood-Beaver Lil Beaver 13

This unit is extremely powerful!! It boasts a Kohler 440 or optional Honda GX 390 gas motor. A 3 1/2” bore 2 1/2” rod specifically designed, engineered, and welded hydraulic cylinder with a 25 3/8” stroke and regenerative system for fast splitting, hydraulic saw, 2/4 way adjustable wedge.

Wood-Beaver Eager Beaver 20

The Eager Beaver 20 uses a single stage, tandem pump. Most competitive units use two-stage pumps—this allows them to advertise fast cycles—but that is fast cycle empty. Our pumps give you the super fast speeds, with no slow down when you put a log in. Cycles mean production, something a two-stage pump can’t do. But the Eager Beaver does repeatedly!

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