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Nicholson Manufacturing is a Ring Debarker Specialist and it’s been that way for over 60 years. Ring Debarkers are what we do – they are our passion. All around the globe, wherever there is a forest products industry, you will find Nicholson equipment in operation – reliably and efficiently doing the job it was designed to do and adding value to the bottom line.
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Nicholson A6 Sliding Ring Debarker

Nicholson A6: Medium Speed Sliding Ring Debarker The debarker of choice for medium production mills in both hardwood and softwood applications. The A6 combines high reliability, superior bark removal and maximum protection of your valuable wood fiber combined with low maintenance and an economic capital cost. Available in 22”(559), 27”(686mm), 35”(890mm), and 44”(1119mm) ring sizes.

Nicholson A8 High Speed Fixed Ring

Nicholson A8: High Speed Fixed Ring Debarker The Nicholson A8 debarker represents the culmination of over 60 years of ring debarker design, application and development experience. Capable of extremely high feed speeds with excellent debarking performance and fiber retention the A8 is the debarking solution for today’s high production mills. Available in 17”(432mm), 22”(559mm), 27”(686mm), 31”(787mm); and 35”(890mm) ring sizes. The A8 is available in both single ring and tandem ring configurations in all sizes.

Nicholson r2 Sliding Ring Debarker

Nicholson r2: Low Speed Sliding Ring Debarker This recent addition to the Nicholson debarker line is specifically designed to provide the superior debarking and fiber saving benefits of a ring debarker in lower speed (50fpm) applications. In addition, the r2’s production capabilities and competitive price contribute to a significant value advantage over applications that have traditionally used rosser head style debarkers. Available in a 40”(1016mm) ring size.

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