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Hutto Wood Products has been producing Shavings Mills for over 10 years. We offer a wide range of Mills, from 3-5 yards/hour to 40+. Having owned and operated a shaving plant, we know what you're looking for in a mill. We stand behind each and every piece of equipment! What can we do for you?
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Hutto HWP 6 Saw Trimmer

Hutto Post Peeler Cart

Any size or dimension, custom carts available.

Hutto Log Deck

Hutto Wood Products Log Deck - Custom Built, Any Size! Two Strand Log Deck, 4 ft wide, Electric Drive

Hutto Log Unscrambler

Hutto Wood Products brand new log unscrambler. This deck is designed to in-feed logs to a shaving mill. No matter what industry you are in, we design and manufacture decks and conveyors to fit your needs. Call us today to get a free quote.

Hutto Sorter and Auto Loader

HWP's new hands free auto loader for resaws, it will cut your labor and give you a consistent flow of material through the saw. These can be customized to feed material from 20" to 20'. They will run off of hydraulic or electric.

Hutto Chop Saw

Hutto Wood Products offers start to finish Shaving & Sawmill Equipment including full line Shaving Mills, Material Handling and much more. The Hutto Chop Saw is one more example of the quality and options offered. Complete Cut Up Line from start to finish.

Hutto Conveyors

Conveyor belts, chain drag conveyors, and barn sweeps built to any shape or size. We are your one-stop shop for conveying equipment!

Hutto Mini

The MOST AFFORDABLE Shaving Mill! The Hutto Mini is easy on your wallet, hands free and puts out 3 to 5 yards per hour. Whether you own a large barn and need shavings or just tired of wasting excess scrap wood the MINI is right for you! IN STOCK NOW!!

Hutto HU16

Hutto Portable Shaving Mill! One of the many options with Hutto Wood Products Shaving Mills. Easy to get around, PTO Driven and many options available.

Hutto HU24

The Hutto HU24 is easy on your wallet, has hands free controls, and puts out 10 to 15 yards per hour. This mill can be configured to your need. The HU24 is the right mill for you!

Hutto HU36

Hutto Wood Products MVB Series HU-36 Shaving Mill! Another example of what HWP Shavers can do for you!

Hutto HU16 Block Shaver

Turn loose ends into profitable shavings! Another great machine from Hutto Wood Products allows you to turn cut offs that measure 6" to 30" lengthwise and 1/2" to 6" thickness into shavings, regardless of species. Slabs and round wood are no trouble for this machine!

Hutto HU448-10

The mill features (4) 10 knife heads, (4) 50 horsepower motors along with one 30 horsepower motor that comes fully wired and turnkey ready. While the HU448-10 comes standard and ready, selecting a stationary or movable box will help fit your needs. More standard attributes include the conveyor and a 100 gallon reservoir allow the mill to boast 50-60 yards per hour of production. When asked, "What are customers going to like most about this mill" Patrick, owner of Hutto Wood Products answered quickly, "Value and Price!"

Hutto HU236

HU-236 is a great middle ground between our low end shavers, and our top of the line high production shavers.

Hutto Automated Post Sorter Line

Hutto automated post sorter line for post peeler plants - it can handle up to 30 bays. Options include scanner for length and diameter of post.

Hutto Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic Power Packs from 2 gallons to 60 gallons a minute. Fixed displacement or variable speed. Electric, gas, or diesel models available.

Hutto Log Merchandising System

HWP is proud to introduce the new, most affordable merchandising system yet. This merchandiser comes standard with 24” chain bar saw with a 36” bar option, one 20’ infeed with saw and log hold down mounted to it, one 10’ outfeed with log kicker and one 2-strand 6’x10’ log deck. Power options include PTO as seen in picture or 3-phase electric. The PTO version only requires PTO shaft hook up to the back of the tractor. Everything else is provided. Electric version only requires 4 wire hook up to main provided by HWP. Complete, turnkey set up starting at $25,000.

Hutto Jumbo Bagger

Hutto Wood Products' Jumbo Shavings Bagger is HERE!! Produce, Sell, and Profit in BULK with the 70 cubic foot reusable bag. Built to fit any operation! Hutto Shavings Mill + Jumbo Bagger = Succesful Shavings Company!

Hutto Bagger

Wood shavings bagger to make bags anywhere from 3.0, 5.0, 7.0 or any custom size. Bag production is up to 2 bags a minute, 25 hp hydraulic power pack. Comes with control panel box, all electrical with main and through the door on/off switch. Only requires a 4-wire hook-up!!

Hutto Shavings Bin

Custom built to help keep production up and labor down! Green shaving holding bin to feed dryer or bagger. Comes with built in agitator, self leveling auger, and will unload itself.

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