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Leadermac Moulder: Model # LMC-523C Serial # 886087 220 Volts AC 3 Phase 5 Cutting Heads 2) 10Hp Cutters Heads 3) 7Hp Cutter Heads 1) 3Hp Feed Motor
Equipment Location:Buffalo, NY
Sawmill Exchange

Leadermac S 23 C Moulder

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Leadermac S23C 5 Head Moulder Serial# 886087
Equipment Location:Clarksburg, TN
LPS Equipment & Acquisition Co.
Leadermac 6-Head Moulder 6" Thick x 9" Wide Capacity Variable Feed speed up to 150 FPM 6-Heads: 15 HP, 15 HP, 20 HP, 30 HP, 25 HP, 25 HP 1-13/16" Spindles 58" Infeed table Infeed deck 3.17" Vertical Lift to Side Heads 1.57" Axial Movement on Horizontal Heads Chrome Top Head Chip Breakers and Pressure Plate Chrome Side-Head Chip Breakers an d Pressure Plate Inch Digital Readout HD 2/2 Feedworks (2) 8" Top Rolls Split 2-part sectional pressure pad (4) Hydroloc outboard bearing - All Horizontal Straight jointer for Horizontal heads Profile jointers: Two sides and 2nd Top Profile Jointer Setup Fixture with spcial 230mm Baldor Brake
Equipment Location:VA
Carolina Machinery Sales, Inc
LEADERMAC LMC 923SP "SPEEDMAC" Moulder Through Feed; 9-Head (B-T-B-R-L- R/L (Opposing) -T-B), working cap. 9-1/16" x 6" cap. -- Head sequence: Bottom 30 HP, top 40 HP, bottom 25 HP, right 20, left 20 HP, right 20 HP/left 20 HP(opposing), bottom 20 HP and top 25HP motors. -- Spindles: dia. 2-1/8" with cutterhead speed of 7,200 RPM. Spindles (all) equipped with electronic digital readouts, digi-set readouts for left and top spindles. REC-705B Quik-Trueset system for top head positioning -- top heads. REC705B Quik-Trueset system for positioning of left spindle. -- All horizontal spindles with with Hydro-Loc outboard bearings. Chipbreaker and pressure elements include mechanical digital readouts for accurate positioning. Chipbreakers at left and top spindles with pneumatic pressure. -- Jointers: Straight knife jointer on spindle #1,2,3, 8 and 8. -- Feed works: Invertor drive 20 HP feed system with feed speeds of 20 - 260 FPM. -- Equipped with: Central lubrication, automatic table lubrication, 1.2 M (4'-0") infeed table, chromed tables and fences, swing-away intermediate short piece gearbox opposite left spindle. -- Features: Full width driven adjustable infeed & outfeed rollers in machine bed, lateral side pressure roller at infeed gate, feed jog/inch forward at top spindle and operator tools & manuals.
Equipment Location:MID ATLANTIC
Bob Dykstra
800-374-5009 ext:378
LEADERMAC LMC 518 SMARTMAC Feed Through Moulder; -- 5-Head (B-R-L-T-B) with a working cap. of 7" x 5". -- Head sequence: Bottom 7.5 HP, right/left 15 HP, top 15 HP and bottom 10 HP motor. -- Spindle Specifications: 40 MM Spindle dia.; cutterhead speed of 6,000 RPM. All spindle adjustments except 1st. bottom head with mechanical digital readouts on all spindles; "Digiset" readouts on left and top spindles. -- Mechanical digital readout for chipbreaker and pressure element. Chipbreaker at top spindle pneumatic. -- Feed system: Variable speed 20 - 85 FPM, by a 4 HP feed drive; Short stock driven feed roller at right spindle. Side pressure roller at infeed mounted to infeed table. -- Table plates and fences hard chromed, inside fences 32 mm height for side work profiles. -- Infeed table 2 M (6'6") infeed straightening table, manual table lubricant pump. -- Equipped with: Central lubrication system, full sound & safety enclosure, and supplied with operator tools & manuals. - Includes (1) Set of used cutterheads.
Equipment Location:MID ATLANTIC
Bob Dykstra
800-374-5009 ext:378