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Rigid construction means low vibration displacement for super finish. Flood coolant with swing open splash doors keeping spray in the machine. -- Total removal grind with lift-off on return stroke. Precision alternate angle adjustment for right and left uniformity of 3/100 of a degree. -- Power saw lift with electronic control with automatic saw locator that sets saw to exact position. Power adjustment on hook and top angle moves head at the push of the control button. Electronic tooth counter with auto-off and reset. -- Alternate tooth grind in (1) pass and triple chip grind in (3) passes. -- Grinder capable of handling blade dia. from 4" to 34" (100 to 865 mm). Top alternate angle set from 0° to 45°; Face alternate angle 0° to 30°; Tooth pitch from 0.312' to 4.5"; Hook angle from -15° to +45°; Top angle from 4° to 25°. -- Grinding motor 1 HP for grinding head. -- Flood coolant system for keeping grinding area cooled. -- Includes: Small bore saw centering bushings 3/4" (19 mm), 7/8" (22 mm), 1" (25 mm). Cup and cone saw centering flange 5/8" to 2-1/2" (16 mm to 63.5 mm). -- Options: Extended base width up to 60"(1,525 mm) to accommodate larger saw. Cup and cone flanges available for saws over 2-1/2" (63.5 mm) to meet your requirements (call for pricing).Seller states: Rebuilt, new counter, new valves, works as it should.
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