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WESTERN PNEUMATICS 'WP-460' Dust Collector (SECONDARY SEPARATOR), 34,342 CFM in walk-in plenum, (475 ) filter bags 120" long x 5" dia. for a total 6,021 sq. ft. of bag area. Baghouse shell is approx. 13' dia. & about 18.1' high. -- Equipped with: (1) TWIN CITY 490 RTF (Radial Tip Fan) , unitary base, flanged inlet & outlet, 200 HP TEFC fan motor. . -- FILTER CLEANING: Bags are mounted up-side-down with cell plate just above the filter inlet. Rotating arm mounted below the cell plate, for reverse air filter cleaning driven by 0.5 HP motor. Gravity and suction from a low pressure purge fan evacuates the inside of each bag. Purge fan discharge is conveyed to the top (inlet) of the Cyclone. -- PRIMARY SEPARATOR (HIGH-EFFICIENCY CYCLONE): 9.6' dia. by about 31.5' high has involute, located in front of the inlet, separates material from machinery dust sources and dust purged from the bag cleaning. WP 20" X 20" FEEDER with 2 HP motor, complete with . -- Complete with; 40"x 40" WP Abort gate, CLARKES two-zone spark detection system, 20 HP approx. Transfer Blower to convey discharge to storage location. -- Existing Installation: Unit was not being used at full capacity and depending on Air-to-cloth ratio and Static Pressure desired, air flow can be increased, ie. approx. 49,700 CFM @ 14" SP & 8:1 ACR, 185 BHP.to approx 62,000 CFM @ 10:1 ACR with suitable fan. -- Comes with: Electrical starters & controls may be shared and available only as much as can be separated, (2) standard explosion vents & sprinkler kits with (4) heads piped to the outside piping , caged ladder, access platform, & support. --FEATURES: Baghouse and Bin are all bolted construction for easy dismantling & economical transportation. -- Includes: (1) 30 Unit Western Pneumatics Zone IV Truck Bin with carry-over screw and overflow provisions, (1) cyclone 4.5' dia. and Material Transfer fans. Also includes Professional rigging & truck loading by owner/contractor/Seller.
Equipment Location:MTN/CENTRAL CDN
Tony Cornacchione
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