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The Wema "Minimat 25" is a small component lathe. Using a form tool, the machine is capable of high production of small parts like knobs, buttons, toy parts and golf tees. -- In auto mode, the machine will self feed the stock while the finished components fall to the collection bin. Setup is simple using the SPS control. -- 2 to 24 mm Turning dia. capacity, 60 mm max. turning lenght; 2 HP drive motor. Machine has a production rate of up to 1,400 parts per hour. -- Golf tee option available for $9,500 (can produce up to 1,300 golf tees per hour). -- The Minimat-25 is equipped with modern safety features including a safety shield near the cutting area. Minimal operator interface is needed once the machine is running. The operator only needs to fill the hopper and start the auto cycle.
Equipment Location:NORTHEAST, AL