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1988 TVM M-10  Dust Collection System

TVM, M-10, FILTER AND STORAGE BIN. SYSTEM PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED, MANUFACTURED AND INSTALLED BY TVM (TERMOVENTILMEC). Roof Mounted Filter unit. -- Specs: (10) modules each made of galvanized steel panels. Total filter area 5,380 sq. ft. (500 sq. mt.). Each bag is restrained at its base. -- Fan 1: BLR-500, approx. 20" inlet dia. rated for 8,900 CFM (15,000 cu. mt./hr) @ 9.6" WG. and 22 BHP. Powered by 30 HP motor with belt drive. 220-440 V, 60 Hz. --Fan 2: BLR-500, approx. 20" inlet dia. rated for 7,100 CFM (12,000 cu. mt./hr.) @ 10.2" WG. and 20 BHP. Powered by a 25 HP motor with belt drive. --Fan 3: BLR-700, approx. 28" inlet dia. rated for 20,700 CFM (35,000 cu. mt./hr (@ 10.2" WG. and 52 BHP. Powered by 60 HP TEFC motor. Belt drive. 220-440,60 Hz. This trunk line is fitted with cylinder/solenoid controlled gate valve to shut off the air when dust source is not in use. -- Bag Cleaning: Each Module has a shaker powered by 0.25 HP gearmotor. -- Dust is conveyed to one end where a Rotary Air Lock discharges the dust into an auger and pneumatically conveyed by a Material Handling fan, PTC-140 (6" inlet dia.) with 5.5 HP motor to cyclone/Storage Silo Fitted with inspection door, sight glass windows at each level. -- Includes: Butterfly valve VPP-640 (25" dia.) to reduce peak amperage draw when starting of motor and controlled by air cylinder/solenoid valve. A Non-Backflow valve is installed on each fan trunk line. -- Features: System 1: Spark detection and suppression system for up to 24" (600 mm) trunk line, ENT-1 by FIREBLOCK with all related hardware and electric control panel lights displaying condition of system. --System 2: Spark detection and suppression system for a up to 55" (1400 mm) trunk line, ENT-2 by FIREBLOCK will all related parts and controls as ENT-1. --Comes with: Summer/Winter diverter valve, silencer and sprinklers. System control panel houses the starters for each motor, controls Starting Valve, and door of Silo for unloading. --Storage Silo: 110" (2800 mm) dia. and 2,140 cu. ft. of storage. Made of (5) rings 60" high & bolted construction, safety railing & Platform, 46' high safety ladder, inspection door and (5) sight glass windows, exhaust cone, and L-6 Cyclone. --Baghouse, overall dims: 39.5' L, 98" W, 20.5' H; not including the end Rotary Air Lock section. --All information is from original description/quotation from manufacturer TVM and current installation is subject to verification by Buyer upon physical inspection.

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