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1990 Simon Day/Carter Day SI  Dust Collection System

60,700 total CFM at 6 to 1 air to cloth ratio, (645) 6"dia by 10'long filter bags for total of 10,126 sq. feet of filtration area, housed in rectangular style enclosure. Controlled filter pulse jet cleaning system. Unit is fed by (4) fans mounted on a support stand. -- Blower #1: CFM, 26" dia inlet, driven by 100 HP TEFC motor. -- Blower #2: 4" dia inlet, driven by 100 HP TEFC motor. -- Blower #3: CFM, 22" dia inlet, driven by a 50 HP TEFC motor. -- Blower #4: CFM with a 20" dia inlet, driven by a 40 HP TEFC motor. -- Elaborate unloading system consisting of a 36" dia rotary airlock mounted on a low level stand which feeds (6) screw augers with a 5 HP gearmotor drive; (1) cross feed screw auger driven by a 5HP gearmotor. -- Dirty air enters the collector hopper allowing the heavier particles to fall into the hopper before rising to the filter bag section. -- Air carrying the remaining dust moves up between the filter tubes and dust particles are deposited on the outside of the filter media; clean air is then exhausted through the clean air outlet and returned to the plant. -- System is controlled by a central PLC, comes with starters & electrical controls; includes all access ladders, platforms, support structure. -- Professionl dismantling and rigging available on request.

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