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SCHMIDT TEMPO AS 400 Cold Saw Grinder ---For toothing and resharpening of HSS, segmental, friction and hot circular blades. -- Automatic infeed of the grinding wheel to the saw blade with max. removal of 4 mm. (1) saw blade clamping arm. -- The grinder will grind blades from 3/4" to 16" dia., with a thickness dimension up to 1/4". The grinding wheel motor is a 1 HP with a wheel speed of 3,400 RPM. -- The indexing feature on the grinder is handled by a 1/3 HP motor with the wheel speed of 1,680 RPM. -- The indexing stroke for this saw is 40 - 200 Teeth/Min. This tooth speed is adjustable by changing gears to adjust the tooth speed. -- Set of center rings for different saw bore(s).
Equipment Location:SOUTHWEST
Bob Dykstra
800-374-5009 ext:378