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PNEUMAFIL RAF II Reverse Air Baghouse with: (600) Bags, 12' long, giving 9,260 total sq/ft at 8:1 air to cloth ratio, design capacity of 75,500 CFM; max. waste volume 6,000 Lbs/Hr. -- 16' Dia. round baghouse contains bags in galvanized cages w/reverse jet bag cleaning from 25 HP blower motor, which cycles once a minute over filter bags. -- Rotating plenum covers each row of bags once a minute, reversing the normal air flow direction. This action back flushes the bags and dislodges wood dust particles collected on the filter media, which then fall to the bottom of the 60° funnel hopper for removal. -- Bags are changed via top-side access door, which enters the return air plenum.. -- Air handling fan with: Approx. 56" inlet dia., 250 HP floor mounted motor; 0.25 HP explosion-proof motor for manifold drive. -- Rotary Air Lock, gearmotor driven at the bottom of the hopper feeding and horizontal screw type auger with gearmotor drive. -- Features: High Speed Abort Gate, explosion doors, sprinkler pipe, interior electrical control panel, support frame, safety ladder, railings, and exterior ductwork. Professional dismantling, rigging, transport and installation is available upon request.
Equipment Location:SOUTHEAST
Tony Cornacchione
800-374-5009 ext:432