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PAO MACC D.A.1- In-feed Conveyor chain with side guides and sprung upper guide pulleys2- Splitting Station with 7.5 HP Motor3- Adjustable moulding separating station4- Out -feed Conveyor chain with side guides and sprung upper guide pulleys1st.- and 4th. - StationDouble 5/8” neutral para rubber, 110 mm wide chain drive for initial / final thrust. The feed speed is adjustable through a 2 Hp speed variator ( The motor is With Mechanical Brake ) , from 6 to 30 Mt/minuteSprung upper guide pulleys with rubber wheels with bearing for the stability of the moulding.Guides with rubber wheels ( Dia. 70 x 15 mm. ) and bearing. Scale is on the left side of the machine for perfect alignment of the guides. 2nd. StationSplitting station with 7.5 HP motor . The spindle and the tool are inside a safety casing ( with safety micro switch on the door ) according with the tool diameter (180 mm. ).The spindle is 40 mm. in diameter, and is pulley-belt driven. It runs at 7000 R.P.M. - Milling table is made of metal ( aluminum ) and is adjustable ( with slide) according to the tool size ( usually adjustable from 12 to 24 mm.).Digital measuring devices make it possible to accurately adjust the machine each time. 3rd. StationThe moulding separation station consist in adjustable double guides (this movement is assures by a perfect coulisse ) ; and is able to assures perfect stability for the moulding as it split. TECHNICAL FEATURES > DA MODEL LENGTH :3.260 mm.WIDTH :1.200 mm.HEIGHT :1.300 mm.WEIGHT :1.170 KG.Installed power kW. 6.8Conveyor motor power kW. 1.1Splitter motor power kW. 5.5Compressed air pressure 6 Bar (90 PSI)Air requirements Max. 800 nl/Min. SCFM -28Working speed 6-30 Mt/min.Working Level 870 mm.Shaft diameter/revolution 40 mm. - 7.000 RPMTool Diameter Required 200/220 mm.I matriculation: 1.025 Splitter :Shaft diameter and revolution : 40 mm. / 7.000 R.P.M.Maximum tool diameter : Dia. mm. 180

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