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NORTHTECH NT-MAR350-M2 with (2) moveable blades and (1) fixed blade. -- Capacity: 13.38" Max. to 0.59" Min Width cap by 4" cutting depth on (2) moveable blades and 4.33" depth on (1) fixed blade. 14" Max. blade dia. Drives: Blade is 3,800 RPM. Main arbor motor is 50 HP, 1720 RPM, TEFC TECO-Westinghouse continuous duty. -- Depth of cut adjustment with 1/4 HP motor for power raise and lower for thickness adjustment. Approx.10" min. stock length. -- Feed System: 3 HP Inverter Variable speed feed motor with feed speeds from 15 to 115 FPM. Features overload sensing protection whereby if saw is overloaded, ie. feed speed is too fast etc. the auto sensing device will reduce feed rate up to 75% -- Features: Servo Positioning of (2) moveable outside blades. Movement accomplished by electric servo motors and control mated to a precision CNC style ball-screw. Saw blades are on a moving shoe/clamp system integrated into the same servo placement system. Position system is accurate to 0.005" accuracy. Programmable controller provides preselected cut bill and self diagnostics. Moveable Blade Actuation: Program selection, as well as outside moving blades and laser are fully operational via joy stick control. -- Construction: Cast iron base and table. Precision ground and specially heat treated chain transport pads, mated to a proprietary rail system providing optimum wear and precision straight line rip capability. Proper tooling for glue line application can be supplied by NORTHTECH. -- Includes 30 mw Laser. (2) upper and one lower dust hoods. (3) Hydro-Collars and 14" blades. Note that moveable blades can be fixed blades by removing the shoe/clamp and using manual spacers as usual.
Equipment Location:MID ATLANTIC
Jeff Terrill
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