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Gang Rip Saw 

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2008 Neva ORBIT PLUS  Gang Rip Saw

NEVA ORBIT PLUS Thin Cutting Frame SawFor cutting solid wood blocks into glueable slats with a minimum of saw kerf waste.Features & Operation: -- ORBIT uses an up/down method of movement for cutting veneer slats; unlike conventional Frame Saws that move up & down in a reciprocating lineal motion, ORBIT uses a swing-out motion at the bottom of the saw stroke. -- During the downstroke of the saw frame, the cutting motion is perfectly linear; at the bottom of the stroke, the saw frame swings out of the cut in the same direction as the wood is moving. -- Once the saw frame has retracted out of the cut, the frame travels back to the top, remaining out of contact with the wood during the entire upward motion. The saw frame then again begins its linear downward cutting motion. -- This unique movement has several distinct advantages of the frame movements over the conventional frame saws. In a conventional frame saw, a great deal of heat is generated by sawdust that is captured/packed into and around the saw blade teeth. -- This occurs because the sawdust and wood chips are unable to clear out from the blade during the upstroke. This is especially true when cutting high, as some of the teeth in the center of the saw blades never clear out of the cut. -- Because the Orbit saw frame moves out of the cut during the upstroke, wood chips and sawdust falls clear from the saw blade resulting in less heat buildup on the saw blade, longer saw blade life, dust-free slats, and the ability to use a thinner kerf saw blade. Technical Data: -- Main Motor is 15 kW (20 HP), feed speed from 0.3 - 1.5 MPM (1 - 4.5 FPM), 210 mm (7/8") strokes of the Saw Frame, (450) strokes/Min. -- Cutting Height: Adjustable from 45 - 200 mm (8" max. height), cutting width with center guide is 2 x 25 mm to 70 mm (2-3/4"); min. block length of 300 mm; min. slat thickness of 2.5 mm (depending on cutting height). -- Cutting Accuracy: Approx. +/-0.2 mm; saw kerf is 1.25 at 4" or less 1.35 at 4" or more; saw blade LIFE-STELLITE Saws with approx. (10 - 60 Hrs). -- Dust Hood dia: 120 mm Top x 160 mm bottom; -- Machine dimensions are: 2,600 mm L x 800 mm W x 1,700 mm H (102" x 31-1/2" x 67"); approx. machine Weight of 3,300 kg (7,000 Lbs.) -- Comes with: (2) Sets of frames for 6" material; (2) frames for 4" material; (1) precision torque wrench (200 Nm); adjustable chip breakers; (1) air blast system. -- Includes: Automatic opening of the machine for frame removal, automatic central lubricating system, automatic raise & lower of the feed rollers, top & bottom driven feed rollers, and digital feed speed indicator. Owner reports the following: -- Wear bars are all good and machine got a recent new clutch and brake -- Sale includes many spare blades, a frame holder for setup or teardown of frames, (4) frames, several existing setups for different thickness of finished products and many spare parts both new and used. -- Saw used exclusively for sawing 2” x 6” Western Re

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