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MAC 144-MCF-255 Baghouse Dust Collection system with Reverse Jet Bag Cleaning.Baghouse constructed of 7-gauge carbon steel containment; one piece body all welded construction, 120" diameter shell walk-in plenum for maintenance and bag replacement. -- Baghouse Capacity: 33,200 CFM @ 9:1 Air-to-cloth ratio, 3,698 sq-ft of filter area made up of (255) Filter bags; 144" long x 5" dia.; 120" shell dia. -- Equipped with: (1) Fan/motor with approx. 125 HP TEFC motor with a 36" inlet diameter Material Handling Fan in a positive pressure configuration, with up-blast arrangement, unitary base, flanged inlet & outlet. -- Bag Cleaning; (1) 5 HP PD pump for bag cleaning at 7- 9 PSIG. 1 HP Direct drive gearmotor for distribution arm, surge tank, pneumatically controlled firing mechanism activating the diaphragm valves/nozzles. When cleaning arm & bag segments are correctly aligned air nozzles fire directly into bags without wasted cleaning air. -- Complete with: Approx. 15" Rotary Air Lock (RAL) with 2 HP motor; 70° Cone shaped hopper (not for storage) attached to MAC at bottom of cone. Features: Some Units are pictured installed inside a tall building hence each has a dual RAMBE (expensive) interior explosion suppression device as well as standard explosion doors thus it can be installed inside or outside. New bags are needed for each unit at about $3,000/set/unit. -- Principle piping attached to collector, caged ladder to top plenum, support stand. Dims & Weight: MAC unit: Length of straight portion shell body, not including cone or rotary air lock, is approx. 390" (35'). Weight of shell is approx. 15,000 Lbs. Dismantling/rigging, truck loading are included. Please inquire for transport to your location.
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