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HOMAG KAL 310/4/A20 Edgebander (High Production): -- Capacity Specifications:0.4 - 20 mm Edge thickness cap., min. panel width 55 mm for panel thickness 12 - 22 mm & under; 100 mm for panel thickness over 22 - 60 mm. -- Variable feed speed from 18 - 24 MPM (60 - 79 FPM); 80 mm feed track pads, motorized V-groove belt on top pressure beam.Feed & Infeed Section:Hot Melt Glue System "A 20" Quick-Melt Unit; Pressure roll section with (7) rollers, (1) large dia. driven & (6) idle rollers Multi-purpose (1) coil/strip magazine for coil stock from 0.3 - 3.0 mm; Strip feeding for thin strip material & standard strip feeder for up to 20 mm solid wood. -- Workstations: Double end trim/snip (0.25 HP - 200 Hz, 12,000 RPM each) to cut excess edge on the front & back of the panel. -- Top/Bottom Rough Trim (1.35 HP -12,000 RPM motors); Motors supmerimposed (overlapping); SIKO digital counters for adjustments. -- Top/Bottom Fine Trim (0.5 HP - 12,000 RPM); motors; tilting range fr 0° - 30°, superimposed (overlapping); SIKO digital counters for adjustments. -- Top & Bottom glue scraping unit. -- Top & Bottom Buffing Unit (0.25 kW - 2,850 RPM) each motor. -- Operator & Machine Control:Line control with HOMATIC "NC 21" Industrial controller features functions in Windows environment. 16 Mbytes RAM with PCMCIA storage card, 170 Mbytes for storage of approx. 20,000 operation programs one (1) open slot for spare PCMCIA card for data back up buss connection (VME-Buss) for PLC, for quick and safe data transmission.17" PC Flat panel display with IPC keyboard installed at operator console, network connectable (EtherNET), (additional hardware and software required) modem available for customer's use for remote diagnostic purposes line control data transmission via fiber optic cables for increased processing speed and isolation from high frequency noise. -- Software:Multi-tasking real time operation system OS-9, with Windows-style display system Windows standard menu for program selection and program generation production according to operation programs off-set allowance for compensation of tool wear in conjunction with stepless axes PLC diagnostic on machine monitor. -- Complete with:SIKO Digital adjustments; electronic DC brakes on all trim motors, sound cabins for all trim workstations, adjustable outboard panel support with swing out arms for up to 800 mm. -- Actual Model is HOMAG OPTIMAT KAL 310/4/A20
Equipment Location:SOUTHEAST
Karl Balg
800-374-5009 ext:355