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GOECKEL G 65EL Automatic Straight Knife Grinder;Working length up to 5,080 mm (200") and 254 mm (10") for either planer or chipper knives. -- Construction: Welded in cell design. Guideways hardened and ground solid ways. Machine table electromagnetic with rotating chuck. -- Downfeed system: Servo variable speed down feed with impulse feed; end-end and rapid positioning. Feed rate 0.0002 ~ 0.02 mm/Min. -- Carriage/Head: Servo controlled variable speed carriage drive, 0.02 ~ 30 m/Min adjustable via potentiometer. Grinding motor 40 HP (30 kW) with high precision bearings, tiltable for cross and radial grinding with 14" tool diameter. -- Controls: Programmable digital display and electronic hand wheel. Counter for counting finish passes. Automatic grinding cycles and wheel advance. -- Equipped with: 14" Nut inserted ring wheel flange, motorized 10” wide x 200” long magnetic table with rotation of 180°. Magnetic segmented chuck performs a variety of grinding operations. Table has built-in hood; wheel dresser is accurate and accessible to the operator. -- Grinding tolerance 0.005" per meter over full set of knives. Grinding wheels are changed via a bolt flange.. Automatic sizing units with wheel wear compensation for wear. Retractable front stop bar system. Coolant filter tank with two pumps. -- Comes with: Service manual, operating manual and electrical diagrams.Owner states that the magnetic table is in good operational condition, machine will be available in September 2018.
Equipment Location:SOUTHWEST
Bob Dykstra
800-374-5009 ext:378