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GIARDINA Moulding Finishing Line consisting of MCD/3 Vacuum Coating machine, GST SPC UV Drying Lamps Patented vacuum application system that can apply stain, lacquers, UV sensitive and water-based products to profiles of linear parts, regardless of the shape of the material profile. Flexible and adjustable for staining, basecoating, sanding, and top coat finishing. GST UV Lamps cure the material. Line was previously used to finish Basswood Venetian Blinds capable of 50,000 lineal feet per day.Vacuum Coater/GST SPC UV Drying Lamps: -- MCD/3's die plates can easily be changed for many styles of profiles and changed-out from one to another in (5) Min to minimize downtime. -- Using this die system you can be very precise as to where it will apply the finish on the product. -- Max. line speed of up to 120 FPM (on 4-sided pieces of 36") line speed.is reduced to 92 FPM). GIARDINA SPC Dryer with 301/8 type UV lamps - (4) top and (4) bottom lamps are 11.8" (300 mm) of 160 W/cm intensity.General Description: -- The GIARDINA main components are: Variable Speed Conveyor, Stainless steel tank for product application, Adjustable vacuum unit with filtration, Stainless steel head equipped with template (one for each profile) Soundproofed enclosure, Sound dampened double-membrane vacuum pump, Coating supply circuit with an 11 kW pump motor, filter, safety valve, control valve & adjustment gauge. A 3 kW pre-heating device installed on coating supply line. Recovery pump unit which recycles the excess coating material. -- Drying Hood Type GST: houses the (8) top/bottom GST UV units composed polished aluminum reflectors with respective GST UV lamps and suction/exhaust fans. -- The machine is operated by means of programmable PLC, with general control unit TELEMECANIQUE equipped with: (12) Function keys actuated by the operator, 40-character alphanumerical display, numerical keys & service keys. -- The display controls operator startup procedure, warns him of any active alarm. Floor standing electrical panel houses remaining components as main switch, contactors, fuses, remote-control switch, and automatic thermal relays, etc.Size Capacity: -- The Min - Max length of part that can be run is 36", Min - Max thickness is 1/16" (1.59 mm) - 1.5" (38.1 mm); Min - Max width is 1" - 3.5" .Options Included: -- Spare Vacuum Coating Head - Precision slide-out track on machine frame for head removal (two heads allows one for cleaning or maintenance); Adjustable holddown rollers between Coater and UV Dryer; 3 KW EEXD Electric pre-heat of supply circuit, thermostatically controlled from 20 - 80 °C; Lacquer filter with manual bypass circuit; INOX (stainless steel) filter 600 x 600 x 1600 mm high; Digital reading of feed speeds on MCD & SPC with variable speed potentiometers and memory settings. The Machine in compliance with CE Safety Standards. -- Vacuum Coater approx dimensions: 24' x 7' x 7'. -- Construction: The heads are mounted on cast iron d
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