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FRUILMAC "RANDOMAT- E PLUS End Matcher; For End Matching flooring or cabinet & entry door rails; feed thru system allows continuous feeding of random length parts with any kind of profile.Capacity & Description: -- Width cap. 1-3/16" x 16" ; length cap. 6-5/16" x R/L length (longer lengths with additional support); 3/8" min. - 1-3/16" max. thickness cap. -- Approx. (10) cycles/Min depending on part length & width; feed system withow , parts are automatically fed & positioned with sensors, and a positive stop to the 1st vertical shaper head (a 2nd shaper head is next to the 1st one); cope cycle is automatic. -- Parts are conveyed past the 1st & 2nd shaper head, automatically reversed and positioned to a positive stop for the 2nd cut on the other end of the part. At the same time the 1st shaper head would be coping the 1st end of another part.Equipped with: -- Twin 7.5 HP - 7,500 RPM high speed shaper motors which pneumatically traverse in tandom for each cutting cycle. -- Cutting station with overhead holddown wheels and 4-point pneumatic clamping with (2) overhead & (2) horizontal clamps.Controller & Operator Interface: -- Touch-Screen SIEMENS Controller, PLC controlled conveyor & shaper cut cycle for automatic operation, variable feed speed conveyor line, and shaper head advance with led readout on the controls. RARE 16" WIDTH CAPACITY IN REMARKABLE CONDITION!
Equipment Location:EASTERN CDN
Jeff Terrill
800-374-5009 ext:349