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One Wood Drying System consisting of the following described NEW items:(1) New EX-FACTORY (8.5 ft x 25 ft) triple-pass rotary drum dryer with the following items: -- Trunion bases and trunion wheels; -- (1) Drum drive with drive motor, (1) Drum discharge fan with fan motor; -- (1) Receiving cyclone with airlock and airlock drive motor and (1) cyclone stand. -- (1) Operator's Controls -- (1) Motor Control Center (MCC) with motor starters.DRYER SPECIFICATIONS: -- Footprint Dimensions: Length - 88 Ft, Width, 9 ft, height 24 ft (with cyclone). Throughput Per Hour Example: 14,500 pounds input at 50 percent m.c., 8,000 pounds at 10 percent m.c. with 6,500 pounds of water evaporated.(1) New BioMass Burner solid fuel burner with a capacity of 10 MM BTUs. -- This is an ideal unit for generating large quantities of heat for industrial processes, particularly for drying wood products in a rotary drum dryer at substantially less cost per BTU than traditional oil-fired or gas-fired systems. -- Generally, it can be fired with a variety of solid fuels including sawdust, corn cobs, sunflower hulls, flax shives, pelletized wood, charcoal, peat, and coal dust. -- The process requires a fuel moisture content of less than 20% and maximum particle size of 1/2". -- Pulverized fuel is conveyed from a storage bin (customer supplied) and then metered by the fuel feeder unit. From there it is blown directly into the burner. -- Complete combustion occurs in semi-suspension as fuel is swept in a "vortex" within the combustion chamber. Combustion is very efficient resulting in emissions rivaling those of natural gas burners. -- The system is designed for no smoke (except during startup when the temperature is low), and for virtually no carbon monoxide, VOC, SOx, or NOx emissions. This rapid form of combustion provides and ideal quick response to changing process loads. -- The burner is lined with an excellent combination of refractory materials to assure best heat retention and long burner life. -- Additionally, the burner stack is lined with a high-temperature, light-weight insulating refractory as is the hot gas transfer duct. All steel surfaces are painted with high temperature anti-oxidant paint. -- Rated Output: 10 Million BTU/Hr (2.52 million Kcal/Hr). Typical wood fuel consumption at maximum firing rate: 1,620 Lbs/Hr (613 kG/Hr).The burner system includes the following items: -- Burner control with automatic modulation of firing rate and monitoring of burner and process temperatures. -- High temperature, light-weight insulating refractory. -- Solid fuel feed hopper and fuel feed fan with 10 feet of fuel feed pipe. -- Fuel feed fan & fuel feed auger. -- The minimum required ductwork with wet feed chute to set the burner at the drum dryer inlet. -- Price can vary depending upon included optional items such as fuel storage bin, transfer conveyors, and onsite technical assistance. -- Items not included but recommended: Infrared spark detection. -- P
Equipment Location:MIDWEST, AL