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9,000 CFM @ 17.7 Air-to-cloth ratio, rectangular bag house (design pressure +/-15" w.g.); 508 sq ft of cloth area using Polyester Felt singed filter bags. -- 25 HP fan/motor on clean air side (mounted separately on the ground), pull through unit (chips and debris are not run through the fan blades). -- Unique Pulse-Jet Type Collector features: Remote Venturi - Low Entrance Velocity Cleaning Air (prevents re-sticking to the bag); bag cleaning by timed reverse pulse jets of air (85 - 100 PSIG max. air pressure) via approx (3) GOYEN pulse jet diaphragm valves (85 - 100 psig operating pressure, 150 psig max.), magnehelic gauge to monitor pressure differential across bags. -- Includes: 1 HP gearmotor driven rotary air lock with square discharge opening, access ladder and support stand. -- Reconditioning available at extra cost: (As needed) - New "snap-in" top-load bags, new pulse valves & tubing, new bearings and wipers in the rotary air lock, new magnehelic gauge & tubing, and paint. -- Approx dimensions 69" x 60" x 210" H and weight 3000 Lbs (for shell only).
Equipment Location:MID ATLANTIC
Tony Cornacchione
800-374-5009 ext:432