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DUBOIS RSM Rotary Spray System (ideal for Flatline Coating for Siding); 66" Width capacity, 68" W Powered belt, 2 HP drive motor. -- (16) Rotary gun capacity (8 guns installed), 66" x 90" x 5" spray area (approx). -- Equipped with: Automatic belt cleaning system, (2) NY Blower "20PLR" extraction fans. -- Spray pots, pumps, gauges and etc. included as pictured.Spray MachineFinishing Enclosure ● Painted and powder coated metallic cabin with 6 doors fitted with safety glass and safety interlock that stops rotation when doors are opened ● (4) Access and viewing door panels, two at each end ● (2) 4-Tube fluorescent light fixtures with bulbs sealed from cabin through safety glass ● UHMW polyethylene and stainless edging for the cabin for easy overspray cleanup ● Extraction fan through dry filtration and Air makeup fan delivering filtered air to the cabinRotating Carousel● (1) Rotating carousel equipped with (8) arms, powder coated for easy cleanup● Each arm is fitted with mounting system for (1) Automatic gun with adjustable angle pivot, multiple positions● Gun tracking plate which assures correct alignment of the guns across the entire arc over the parts● (1) Rotary seal with (3) chambers, two for the compressed air delivery and (1) for supplying the coating● 1 HP gear reduced motor driving the carousel, through timing belting, speed tracked by position sensor and speed calibrated by precision motion sensor● Adjustment of rotating speed via touch screen interface on control panel● Motorized height adjustment of the carousel including upper and lower travel limits via motor and gear reductionPneumatic Control● Air filtration and regulation on incoming shop compressed air● (8) Individual atomizing air controls mounted to the arms for convenient point of use adjustment● Compressed air supply to the control module mounted on the bottom of the carousel for triggering control of individual guns via electronic control.Coating Application Equipment● (8) Automatic spray guns with tip● (1) Piston Pump● Fluid supply and return hoses mounted to a free standing pump rack● All fluid fittings, regulators, back pressure valves, and pickup tubes.Computer Control● Master control panel with fused disconnect and safety interlock● Color touch screen with operator interface which includes manual triggering of guns, height adjustment, circuit selection and readout of conveyor speed. Also includes machine diagnostic system for fault detection and adjustment specifications● Photocell light curtain with receptor cells arranged linearly to allow for precise detection of parts being conveyed● SIEMENS PLC system to obtain position information from light bridge coupled with belt speed encoder which allows precise position information usedto trigger guns on and off where parts are located● Sensitivity adjustment to modify part detection
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