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2019 Doucet PFM  End Matcher
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DOUCET MODEL PFM HIGH PRODUCTION END MATCHER -- Production Machine designed, "precision end-matching" of plank flooring up to 9" wide. -- Specifically to meet specialty flooring producers' requirements from low to mid-volume; features a traverse bar conveyor with high precision ductile iron chains, identical to those on DOUCET's larger models. -- Bars are laid out on 12" spacing to allow machine boards up to 9" wide. -- Conveyor is powered by a 10 HP electric motor with variable speed from 20 - 60 FPM. -- Tongue & groove machining stations are fully enclosed units; boards are placed between the traverse bars at the infeed end of the PFM. -- Random length pieces are brought forward by traverse bars, floorboards are side-shifted to the machining stations by roller conveyors imbedded in the traverse bar conveyor. -- The central set of side-shift rollers are selectively turned on or off to allow the operator to machine either one or both of ends of a board. -- Material length capability ranges from a min. of 12" to a max. of 96"; min. width is 1-3/4" to a max. width of 8" with bars set on 12” center. -- Machining thickness capability ranges from a min. of 3/8" to a max. of 3/4". -- 10 HP Main motor drive, 20 - 60 FPM variable feed speed; 3.5 HP motors for the roller conveyor; precision ductile iron tenoner chains; (3) side-shift rollers 24" at infeed, 24" crossover, and 24" behind exit. -- Even ender for boards longer than 60"; universal traverse bars for machining material 3/8” to 3/4” thick for min. setup time; transverse bars 12" on center; automatic chain oil dispensers. -- (5) 3 HP Motors for machining: Tongue trimmer with or without micro-bevel blade, top tongue groover, bottom tongue groover, groove trimmer with or without micro-bevel. -- (4) 6" Dia., 500 CFM dust collection outlets; hard steel top holddowns; tooling not included. -- Control Cabinet includes central power and control panel with OMRON PLC, starters, VFDs, and other internal components. -- Software is NOT included; operator interface console on the main panel door with push buttons; external hookup for distance troubleshooting and programming changes via Ethernet card. -- Safety Features include: Safety guards on motor chains or other pinch points; the ones fixed on the equipment are included. - All others safety fences or walkways to secure working area from surrounding hazards are not included in this sale, except if shown on the drawing layout presented with a quote. -- Additional safety fences or walkway can be built by DOUCET at extra charge. -- General Features - Machine colors are: Side guarding Light Grey RAL 7035, frame Grey RAL 7037, safety guard Safety Yellow RAL 1023, and moving components Safety Orange RAL 2011. -- Includes an instructions manual with part list, safety guidelines and critical maintenance tasks. -- Available Options: Coping module to prevent tear out in groove, please add ...$ 7,650; Soft-touch holddown for pre-

Jeff Terrill
800-374-5009 ext:349

2000 Doucet DH-8F-49  End Matcher

DOUCET MODEL DH-8F-49 END MATCHERHeavy Duty double sided hydraulic feed with traverse bars and transfer roller conveyors.Machine available at (3) price levels, as follows: -- OPTION 1: END MATCHER ONLY - $25,000 -- OPTION 2: END MATCHER WITH (3) UPCUT SAWS AND INFEED CONVEYORS - $30,000 -- OPTION 3: END MATCHER, (3) CHOPSAWS, INFEED & OUTFEED CONVEYORS WITH (2) TURNTABLES - $35,000Specifications: -- 9/16" to 1" Thickness cap., 8" to 96" max. material length, 96" max. between right & left heads. -- Feed traverse bars are 2" wide on 9" centers machined to allow 9/16" min. material thickness x 7" max. width, 2" wide at the ends and 1-3/4" wide in the center connected by tubes so each side of the feed bars are adjustable making each side of the matcher independently adjustable.Configuration: -- Groove Unit, Tongue Unit; Groove Unit: 5 HP Trim saw, 5 HP Trim Saw, Jump Shaper, 5 HP Horizontal Groove Saw. -- Tongue Unit: 5 HP Trim Saw, 5 HP Trim Saw, Two 5 HP Tongue Saws; (2) sets of Lateral Feed Rollers: one before each working unit; -- 8' Traverse Bars; Distance Between Traverse Bars: 7"; Traverse Bar Center-to-Center: 9" Infeed table length: 6' and 34' overall length. -- 25 HP Hydraulic drive; Feed speed 60 FPMFeatures: -- High precision ductile iron chains, hardened steel sprockets, massive traverse bars -- 60 FPM Hydraulic Drive -- 5 HP spindle motors -- 9 inch center to center standard traverse bar spacing -- Fully enclosed machining centers, all adjustments made easy by dial indicators -- Dynamic braking on all spindle motors -- Electronically controlled chain lubrication system.NOTE: END MATCHER WAS REFURBISHED IN 2012 WITH MODIFICATIONS

Jeff Terrill
800-374-5009 ext:349

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