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Cubing Plant Equipment for manufacturing animal feed built around COOPER cubing equipment: Complete with the following features and components: -- COOPER Model "98-500" Cuber with 250 HP Main Drive. -- SUPREME "600" Mixer Grinder with 75 HP Main Drive. -- Operator Controls (a simple panel).AUTOMATED BAGGING EQUIPMENT: ● DOBOY A95A Sewing Machine complete. ● HOWE RICHARDSON SCALE SYSTEM MODEL E58. ● BEMIS 7206 BAG FORMER. ● ENGLETT BAG HANGER. ● 15 Ft. Conveyor with Drive.The bagging with this plant is also listed as number BB-010502 which is offered separately.NOTE: This plant was operating two COOPER cubers but one is being kept by the owner for other purposes. Thus, the peripheral equipment will easily handle the output of two cubers.
Equipment Location:GREAT PLAINS
Bill Christoffersen
800-374-5009 ext:365