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78" (2000 mm) Max. between centers, 9.8" round or 7" square (250 mm round or 178 mm square) max. part dia. with revolving steady rest, 6.5 HP main motor, 0 - 4,500 RPM spindle speeds; 0.5 HP hydraulic motor. -- Automatic controlled variable speed carriage with tool post and revolving steady rest, 0 - 32 FPM max. working speed, carriage return speed 33 FPM. -- Special cutting system with: (1) Roughing & (1) finish gouge for simultaneous roughing & finishing, (1) dowel cutting turret knife. Approx (10) follower rings for travelling steady rest. -- Separate control console with: "TRIA 4000" PLC, 720 KB memory, and 3-1/2" floppy disk. Programs for each profile are stored on a disk so there is not need for a template/copy unit. Can control speeds, pauses, up to 10 passes for machining. -- Comes with a Labtop computer with WINDOWS '98 and uses "CT CAD" to generate programs for the profiles. -- Includes: Revolving steady rest, bushes, ball bearing centers; quantities & sizes to be provided. Knife sharpener and a selection of tooling. -- Equipped with: Pneumatic hopper feed and unloading device of finished pieces.
Equipment Location:Midwest
Tony Cornacchione
800-374-5009 ext:432