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126" (3,200 mm) Cutting length, 3.94" (100 mm) cutting height, motorized back fence from 1" - 31-1/2" cap. fence travels on hardened ways, 0.5 HP motor, LED readout for fence positioning & fine adjustment by front mounted hand wheel. -- Equipped with: Hydraulic pressure beam-and-knife powered by 10 HP hydraulic pump motor, 6" wide pressure beam with cutting force adjustment for beam-and-knife, beam assembly with self-lubricated slide ways. -- Complete with: Cutting line with 4-side plastic cutter counter gib, cutting edge light for material positioning, 2-hand push button operation for safety; features operation selection for manual & automatic working cycles.
Equipment Location:EASTERN CDN
Tony Cornacchione
800-374-5009 ext:432