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CADORET MANUAL FINGER JOINT SYSTEM: Shaper Section includes right and left hand Shaper Units, each with AC variable speed drives from 30 to 60 FPM.Features: Shapers with hand-wheels and digital readout scales; on on the horizontal saw adjustment and one each on vertical and horizontal spindle adjustments, -- Retractable guide knives for running flooring; quick change chain lug back up blocks for end matching. -- Extended arm for running up to 16' long material; roller track for material longer than 48". -- APQUIP Glue Applicator on second Shaper. -- 20' Manual Press Section with 5/8" to 3" thickness cap; 3/4" to 8" width cap.; 36" to 240" assembled length capacity. Hydraulically driven rubber rolls and adjustable length stops. -- High efficiency motors used throughout.
Equipment Location:MIDWEST
Jeff Terrill
800-374-5009 ext:349