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ADVANCED PROCESSES Disc Pelletizer complete with the following components and features: -- 14 Ft. Diameter Disc. Disc and contact surfaces are comprised of Stainless Steel. -- Base 8’5” x 9’3” x 9’8” High. Base and frame are carbon steel. -- Hydraulic Lift. -- MAIN DRIVES:Disc Gearbox: SEW-EURODRIVE INC., Type: K187DRE225M4/C, Output: 12 RPM, Torque: 308,865 Lb-in.Disc Motor: SEW-EURODRIVE INC., Type: K187DRE225M4/C, 60 HP, 460V, 1780 RPM.Scraper Gearbox: SEW-EURODRIVE INC., KA77BDRE100LC4/C, Output: 34 RPM, Torque: 9115 Lb-in.Scraper Motor: SEW-EURODRIVE INC., KA77BDRE100LC4/C, 5 HP, 460V, 1750 RPM. -- This equipment is utilized for manufacturing bead shaped pellets, usually for products like fertilizer. Material rolls on the spinning disc to agglomerate and to further harden. Material can be built-up or conditioned on this machine. Once the proper size diameter is achieved, those larger beads roll off at the top of the disc and are conveyed away. The disc speed is variable with the scraper turning in the opposite direction. The scraper keeps any build-up from forming on the disc. The disc speed and disc angle are variable to control the target pellet size.
Equipment Location:MTN/CENTRAL CDN, AL