After more than 15 years providing superior cellular device repair, as well as cellular amplification products, to customers throughout the Upper Midwest, the name has been changed to Reach Amplification. According to founder and president, Ryan Kaiser, the move will allow his team to focus solely on improving the reach of customer cellular signals. Complete Cellular Services will become Complete Cellular Repair, owned and managed by longtime Lead Technician Wayne Shultz with no interruption in service. In addition to improved product focus and customer service, the move also will allow Reach Amplification to offer cellular amplification products nationwide as well as expand its product line to include more remote wireless solutions. We create a custom solution for your buildings (job trailers, campers, residential or commercial) and custom Mobile Booster packages to fit your needs. One example is the new SpyPoint cellular trail cams that provide a way to monitor and protect equipment in remote areas, as well as offering sportsman real-time images of their favorite hunting spot. If you’ve ever wondered if there was a way to amplify your signal, you should call Reach Amplification today at 715-298-4414 or visit

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