The NEW Palax C750 Firewood Processor from Hakmet

By: Hakmet Ltd.  |   Jari Rahkola  |   Published 07/16/2019 |   819-242-2400

The Palax C750 revolutionizes firewood processing with its unbelievable speed and power. The processor comes with a 750 mm hard-tip blade that can cut up to 11" diameter wood. This is one of the fastest processors in its size on the market. The C750 has a excellent log flow from the in-feed conveyor to the discharge conveyor. The rear part of the machine has been made wider, making it easier for the wood to travel in the groove. With a robust splitting wedge and improved log clamp the processor is very comfortable and safe to operate.

An in-feed conveyor and a 14 ft swinging discharge conveyor come as standard with the processor. The processor guarantees a brisk working pace due to its automatic high speed valve maximizing the splitting speed. The debris grate of the splitting groove collects any debris created from the splitting, resulting in clean and easy-to-dry wood.

Equipped with lubed-for-life ball bearings the machine operates precisely, easily and virtually without maintenance. Also the chute is equipped with a sensor so that even a small log activates the splitting motion.

Automatic tightening of the V-belts keeps the angular gear belts at the correct tightness reducing strain on the transmission and significantly extending the service life of the belts.

The height adjustment of the wedge is stepless, easy-to-operate and reliable. The wedge is equipped with a quick-release.

The C750 is available as a PTO tractor driven. PTO powerpacks available.

Choose from a Pro or a Pro+ model.
Add a life Midi log deck to complete the setup.

C750 Pro and Pro+ features

o Automatic high-speed valve
o Automatic V-belt tensioning
o Connection for additional infeed roller/log deck
o Adjustable log length stopper
o In-feed conveyor 7.9" x 78.75"
o Folding and swinging discharge conveyor
o Adjustable cutting speed
o Hydraulic joystick control
o Hydraulic splitting wedge adjustment
o Hydraulic log clamp
o Conveyor speed adjustment

C750 Pro+ also features
o PowerSpeed Cylinder for optimized splitting: Automatically adjusts splitting force and speed

More information on the C750 available at or 1-800-361-2288

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